Sony HZC-RCP5 Camera Remote Control Software for PC (Download)


Key Features

  • Control Sony’s HXC-D70 & HXCU-D70 CCU
  • Two GUI Modes: Panel and Menu
  • Capability to Control Up to 5 Cameras
  • TCP/IP LAN Camera Connections
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Sony HZC-RCP5 Camera Remote Control Software for PC (Download)

The HZC-RCP5 Camera Remote Control Software for PC enables the user to control Sony’s HXC-D70 studio camera and HXCU-D70 CCU from a Windows PC. The application software lowers the cost of remote control for multiple camera systems.

The HZC-RCP5 application software provides remote control from a Windows PC* for up to 5 system cameras in any of the HXC-FB80, HXC-P70**, HSC-100R/RF and HSC-300R/RF working with the HXCU-FB80, HXCU-TX70***, HSCU-300R and HSCU-300RF Camera Control Unit (CCU). It realizes very low cost control as a total system using LAN connection via a switching hub.

* Supported OS is English language version of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.
(The HZC-RCP5 can be installed on other language version of Windows OS while showing the help menu in English.)
** HXC-P70 can work either with or without CCU.
*** HXCU-TX70 works with CA-TX70 combined with camera head for triax cable connection.
(The CA-TX70 cannot be used for camcorder combination, but only for HXC system cameras.)

The very complete and easy to use GUI allows the user to control camera parameters as if he were using a RCP panel such as the RCP-1000, while offering more functionality on top of the multi camera operation. Unlike the RCP-1000, all the Paint parameters can be displayed and controlled in addition to the Scene File setting.

Panel Screen

In this mode, the basic functions of a camera can be controlled by the GUI on the screen, similar to the control level found with an RCP-1000 series remote control processor.

Paint Menu Screen

In this mode, more detailed camera parameters (ie. Matrix, Knee and so on) of the HXC-D70 camera can be displayed and controlled by the GUI.


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