Square Box Systems CatDV Asset Management Software

Key Features

  • Easily Locate Archived Clips
  • Create Preview Proxies of Archived Clips
  • Create Metadata Automatically or Manually
  • Workflow Automation Using Worker Node Package
  • Scales To Millions of Assets
  • Native File Handling (MXF, RED, etc.)
  • Multi-Platform Support (MacOS, Windows, iOS, Web)
  • Many Storage, Archive and NLE Partners
  • Centrally Located Catalog Using Industry-Standard Database
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If you create or manage large volumes of digital media, Square Box Systems’ CatDV Asset Management Software helps you organize, communicate and collaborate. Companies use CatDV to efficiently log media, improve production workflow, save time and generate revenue by reusing those important assets. CatDV’s powerful & flexible asset management tools mean that it has been integrated in a wide range of media workflows from large scale film & broadcast libraries with global uptake in education, sports, non-profit and commercial sectors.

There is an insatiable demand for high quality media across virtually every industry today. The proliferation of distribution channels, catalyzed by the internet and social media, is causing an explosion of content. At the same time new (and larger) formats are constantly being developed.

$8,000 per Media Professional Wasted Each Year

Organizations waste significant time and money organizing, searching for, then often failing to find their media assets – especially where teams are not in the same location. With ever increasing pressure on budgets, being able to store, find and repurpose existing media is critical. Research estimates that $8,000 per year is wasted per media professional and that more than a third of media searches fail without effective media asset management.

CatDV: Find and Re-use Your Media

CatDV tackles all these problems. For companies that create or manage a large volume of digital media CatDV helps teams organize, communicate and collaborate effectively. Its simple, yet powerful tools support some of the world’s most sophisticated media workflows and provide the flexibility to work your way. CatDV brings value to single user installations through to large, dispersed teams in the world’s largest firms.

Unlike many asset management systems CatDV is easy to learn and deploy, has one of the lowest costs of ownership in its sector, has great support and an unrivaled ability to integrate with other products, platforms, formats, hardware and software.

Ultimately CatDV helps companies find and reuse their media assets, helps teams to collaborate and to get more done, saving both time and money.

Product Versions and Options

For further information about the various CatDV products, take a look at their product matrix.

CatDV is designed for stand-alone and networked operation. It is highly scalable so it meets the needs of everyone from individuals through to studios and large production houses.

There are a number of versions and options to cater for customers differing requirements, in addition to CatDVs core capabilities or our Data Sheets:

Asset management and logging

  • CatDV Standard: Single user, stand-alone logging and cataloging.
  • CatDV Pro: Integration with editing systems. more sophisticated import / export and more sophisticated search.
  • CatDV Workgroup: Up to 5 CatDV clients can work together.
  • CatDV Enterprise: For larger deployments with more sophisticated server functions.
  • CatDV Pegasus: Premium client including Media Composer integration
  • CatDV Browse Client: Providing rich, read-only access to networked deployments.
  • CatDV Rich Web Client: For rapid or Internet based deployments
  • CatDV Simple Web Client: For browse only access.

The CatDV clients above run on both Windows and Mac.


  • CatDV Worker: is a sophisticated but easy to use automation engine. It is often used for automatic media ingest into CatDV and can trigger workflow actions outside of CatDV (for example with external transcoders and archiving systems).

There are also a number of options to support specific workflows:

  • Archiving: adding support for a constantly growing range of long term storage solutions
  • MXF: supporting meta data exchange from P2, XDCAM and AVID formats. (note that appropriate codecs for playback are also required)