SHAPE 4 x 5.6 Carbon Fiber Swing-Away Matte Box Set with 15mm LWS & 19mm Studio Rod Adapters


Key Features

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Construction
  • 2 x 360° Rotating 4 x 5.65 Filter Stages
  • 15mm LWS and 19mm Studio Rod Adapters
  • 143mm Diameter Opening
  • 114mm Standard ARRI-Style Rubber Bellows
  • 4 Lens Adapters (80, 95, 104, 114mm)
  • Top Flag and 2 Side Wings
  • Top Handle with 5 Threaded Holes
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SHAPE 4 x 5.6 Carbon Fiber Swing-Away Matte Box Set with 15mm LWS & 19mm Studio Rod Adapters

Add filters and light control to your camera rig with the 4 x 5.6 Carbon Fiber Swing-Away Matte Box Set from SHAPE. The lightweight matte box features a 2-stage, 4 x 5.65″ 360° rotating filter system and can be mounted on any standard 15mm LWS or 19mm studio rod system.

The two rotating filter stages allow you to insert 4 x 5.65″ filters, such as polarizing or graduated ND, and independently rotate them 360° to find just the right look. The large 143mm opening provides easy access and the 114mm ARRI-style rubber bellows opening is compatible with standard cine lens sizes. Four lens adapters are included to attach 80, 95, 104, and 114mm telephoto lenses to the matte box. The 15mm LWS and 19mm studio rod adapters are height-adjustable to match the size of your lens.

A top flag and two side flags are included to prevent unwanted flare, and a top handle with five threaded holes allows you to mount additional accessories such as lights, extension arms, and adapter shoes. The entire system is built on a hinge so you can easily swing the matte box away for lens and filter changes.

All the components are packed in a formfitting foam that can be transferred to a carry case of your choice.



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