Tiffen Rota Pola Filter Kit (Rental)


Key Features

  • 4×5.65″ Filter Tray
  • Geared Rotating 138mm Circular Polarizer
  • Fixed 4×5.65″ Circular Polarizer
  • Variable ND Using 2 Circular Polarizers
  • Up to 6 Stops of Neutral Density

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Rental – Tiffen Multi Rota Tray Variable Neutral Density Kit

The Tiffen Multi Rota Tray Variable Neutral Density Kit is a single geared rotating tray that allows the use and rotation of a 138mm Circular Polarizer filter and a 4×5.65 Circular Polarizer simultaneously. The tray is designed for use with matte boxes that lack a rotating filter stage, or for instances where a secondary rotating filter stage is required in a non-rotating stage. It can be used with just the included geared 138mm Circular Polarizer, or paired with the included 4×5.65″ Circular Polarizer to function as a variable neutral density filter or to produce warm/cool effects, depending on the direction the tray and 4×5.65″ filter are facing.


Rental Includes:

  • Tiffen Multi Rota Tray with 138mm Circular Polarizer
  • 2 x Tiffen 4 x 5.65″ Circular Polarizer Filter for Tiffen Multi Rota Tray
  • Storage Case



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