Sony VENICE w/R7 Recorder (Rental)


Key Features

  • Interchangeable E or PL lens mount
  • 15+ stops dynamic range
  • 16-bit Linear RAW
  • 16-bit Linear X-OCN Codec
  • Built-in 8-stage glass ND filter
  • Re imagined Color Science
  • Dual menu displays on camera left/right
  • Record in-camera XAVC or ProRes
  • Dual Base 500/2500 ISO
  • Full HD OLED VF
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With full frame 6k imaging, anamorphic capability, dual native ISO, 16-bit linear RAW recording (with optional AXS-R7), color science re-engineered from the ground up with the help of cinematographers and colorists, and so much more, the VENICE camera is an amazing tool for making film.  In fact the VENICE was chosen by James Cameron for the next 2 installments of the Avatar series because of its features and capabilities.    The camera was also used extensively on the new Top Gun: Maverick film due out this summer.  VENICE is also seeing use for many other major motion pictures and episodic shows for Netflix, NBC, Showtime, WB, and others.

The VENICE has a list of features that is truly staggering and has ushered Sony into a new era of digital cinema cameras, while maintaining the quality, reliability, and familiarity we have all become used to.  Some of the key features not already listed are 8 stops of ND filtration, 6k recording up to 90fps, 4k recording up to 120fps, custom white balance in all recording modes, native PL and E mount lens mounts that are user swappable in the field, 15 stops of dynamic range, just to name a few.

The VENICE camera is much more intuitive to use than prior Cine Alta cameras from Sony, with a re-imagined menu system and menu control from the assistant side of the camera for lager productions.

You can read more about the VENICE camera here.

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Your VENICE RAW Rental Includes:

  • Camera Body
  • Batteries
  • Charger
  • (2) SxS 128gb Cards
  • Reader
  • AXS-R7
  • (2) 512gb AXS Cards
  • Reader