ProMAX PLATFORM ™ – Remote Editing

ProMAX Media Hubs w/ Remote Sync:

Peer-To-Peer Network Architecture Means Incredibly Efficient Data Replication

ProMAX MediaHub Enables Editing From Home and Makes It Easy

This solution is simple. No proxy workflows, no re-syncing, no expensive monthly fees. It is simply a dedicated server that goes at each location that is automatically syncing its local SSD to the others on your network.

So you place the footage for your current project(s) into this share and everyone can be use it at the same time. Same thing for reviewal and approval of rough cuts, etc.

You manage concurrent access issues yourselves. No complicated check in / check out system needed.

It will work with whatever shared storage system you are currently using at the office – whether it is just a shared folder on a NAS or a full blown SAN.

This whole solution costs about $2,500 per node. That’s it. Simple.

Here’s a Quick Overview of How It Works:

Case Study #1: DHD Films

Case Study #2: University of Georgia

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