PLATFORM™ – One System, One Interface, One Price, and One Login!

High Performance Shared Storage: Online, Nearline, and Archive

ProMAX Platform™ is the collaborative foundation for media creation. Platform Advanced Shared Storage provides Extreme Performance, Scalability and Secure Reliable Operation allowing you to team to edit directly from the shared storage.

The whole range of options is available from the Platform Portable, which lets you reuse your existing Thunderbolt or SAS RAID, to the Nearline series which gives you tons of inexpensive, somewhat slower storage (up to 288 TB per chassis), to the more traditional 8, 12, 16, 24, 36, and 48 drive servers, hybrid SSD / spinning disks servers for 4K DPX workflows, and a completely rewritten and redone archive only appliance (they purchased Cache-A and re-did it right).  It’s an amazing range of choices, and they all use the same web user interface.

Get Proven Performance

Optimized for high resolution video performance providing a high volume of concurrent video streams, Platform is scalable to the needs of your workgroup, and all at the consistent high quality required for online editing. Platform also features a built in online/offline proxy based workflow for extremely high resolution workflows utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Collaborate with Ease

Sharing media and projects across your creative team with smooth stutter free playback is foundational to the creative process. ProMAX Platform delivers high-bandwidth 4K+ performance to small and large teams, getting you back to being creative.

Keep Your Data Safe

With built in hardware redundancy, advanced RAID striping, data mirroring and multiple backup options, you can sleep soundly knowing that your valuable media is there whenever you need it. Plus, with our full functioned user management, you decide who has access to everything from content, to search results and even system functions.

Expand as Your Needs Grow

As your organization grows, so does Platform. With simple add-on expansions using our multi-node architecture, ProMAX Platform grows from multiple Terabytes to multiple Petabytes and simultaneously increases streaming speeds to your creative users.

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