PLATFORM™ – One System, One Interface, One Price, and One Login!

How do you archive and retrieve old footage?

ProMAX Platform’s™ fully integrated LTO backup and archive system provides users with simple and comprehensive capabilities to easily offload and retrieve footage on tape.

Protect Your Business

You can’t afford to take chances with your content and projects. Get the added insurance of LTO Tape backups with ProMAX Platform’s industry best backup technology. With automated scheduling, library automation and Read After MD5 checksum, protecting your client’s media has never been easier.

Find Your Media

Each time a file or folder is copied to the Platform Archiving system, it’s tracked and recorded in our high-performance database catalog giving you an immediate searchable record of your archive. And because Platform creates and stores low-res proxy versions of your media, you can preview archived assets with metadata before restoring back to disk.

Trust in Open Formats

Have confidence that, many years down the road, the media you stored on tape will still be accessible. ProMAX Archiving solutions employ industry standard file formats like LTFS™ and Tar so you don’t have to worry about the ability to read them in the future.

Scale Without Spending

With up to 6TB of media stored on a single LTO7 cartridge, LTO is the most cost effective mass storage option in the world. By combining an efficient Online Storage and Offline Storage plan, you can allow your media to grow without unforseen budget hits.

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