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Transcode – No More Waiting

Directly offload transcoding tasks to Platform Servers and get back to being creative.

Transcode for Editing

Platform Workflow Servers make preparing media for Post Production easier than ever.  New footage can be directly ingested to the server and converted to a mezzanine codec using Platform’s built-in transcode engine.  Utilizing multi-core Intel Xeon processors and writing directly to the RAID storage, Platform is able to process these transcodes with high level of efficiency and then present the converted media to the workgroup for instant access. ProMAX Platform can convert multiple files simultaneously, getting your creative department ready for Post without eating up valuable workstation resources and time.

Incoming Media:

Media comes in every day, from every direction, in every format.  Preparing media on the front end of your workflow helps set up for a consistent and effective Post Production process.  Whether it’s from a hard drive, direct from a camera or from some type of flash based media, most devices can be connected directly to your Platform server and set up for fast transcoding to your preferred production format. This can be critical for environments mixing different formats ranging from P2 to R3D to H.264 footage.  Creating a consistent workflow that you can be confident in.

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Transcode for Delivery:

Preparing your media for delivery is often the final step in completing a project.  Unfortunately this process can be time consuming when you’re waiting for files to convert, logging into various systems, copying, uploading, moving and managing data.  Platform allows you streamline this process, removing the task load from PC’s and increasing the speed to delivery.  Platform’s transcode engine has direct access to the same storage you were editing from and can quickly process the transcode tasks and then output them to a destination of your choice.

Outputting Media

Every client has different needs and preferences when it comes to deliverables.  You might be delivering to a customer on a hard drive or uploading to a playout server for broadcast.  Platform enables you to create custom transcode workflows so you can pick file formats and output destinations.  And because Platform can output to its own shared storage spaces, converted media is highly accessible both to users and other connected media systems.

Offloading Transcodes to a Platform server cannot only increase output efficiency but also free up valuable workstation resources to move on to your next creative task rather than waiting for file conversions.  No matter what file format you’re finishing in or delivering, Platform offers a solution to streamline this critical last step in your production process.

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