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Spectra ArcticBlue

Fast Access to Deep Storage

ArcticBlue adds fast random recall allowing for parallel access across all bands and nodes simultaneously. The BlackPearl deep storage gateway seamlessly creates a genetically diverse copy on any combination of SAS HHDs, SATA HDDs, TS1150 tape, LTO-7 tape, or even ejected tape copies.

Quicker Integration with S3 Interface

The S3 interface eliminates the need for data movers and provides direct integration between end user applications and deep storage disk and tape. Use exisiting S3 clients with little to no changes required – providing a faster installation.

Private Cloud on Premise

Owning your own private cloud means YOU have control of your data. You control who has access, if it is stored in centralized or distributed locations, how long you keep it, and that it is on multiple storage mediums to ensure genetic diversity.

Spectra ArcticBlue Workflow

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