Spectra Logic understands the digital archive challenges in the world of pro video, with its exponentially increasing storage requirements. Together, with key industry partners, Spectra offers end-to-end workflow solutions. Spectra solutions are backed by more than three decades of experience and emphasize ease of use, constant access to content and industry-leading density that can easily scale to millions of broadcast hours.

post productionPost Production
As content formats reach higher resolution, post production workflows for film and television programs are experiencing a significant increase in requirements for digital storage. No matter the facility size, every post house has the same requirement—the need to quickly access assets, regardless of size, format or location. Spectra’s archive solutions offer cost-effective, scalable and highly accessible archives for non-linear editing, CGI and other storage-intensive post-production processes. Our storage management efficiencies help maintain constant availability to assets while realizing substantial time and financial savings.

SportsSports Organizations
With fewer resources and tighter budgets to store and manage an endlessly growing repository of content, it is essential to archive and protect an organization’s legacy. As franchises in many sports build stronger brand presence and unlock new revenue streams, a crucial part of efficient operations is having reliable access to assets when they are needed. Spectra archive solutions help protect and archive content ensuring it is available and accessible without the costs and complexities associated with traditional archives.

Digital PreservationDigital Preservation
Preserving an organization’s history indefinitely is paramount and data tape offers the most optimal storage media to protect assets for long term archive usage. Optimized for archiving and protecting content for the long-term, Spectra digital storage solutions offer the archive reliability, durability and portability required by institutions seeking long-term, digital preservation storage platforms. Spectra deep storage solutions provide the scalability necessary to meet long-term growth requirements and along with hardware redundancy and customer replaceable parts to ensure assets are available 100% of the time.

ChurchHouses of Worship
As digital video becomes an integral part of houses of worship expanding their outreach, so too does the need to reliably archive content. Preserving and protecting content allows houses of worship to deliver their message to followers for years and generations to come, while enabling the re-use of existing, timeless footage in new productions. Spectra’s highly scalable solutions enable these religious organizations to seamlessly grow their archive at cost-effective, accessible price points.

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