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Spectra Verde

Simply Affordable File Storage

Spectra Verde, the fourth generation of the disk line, will address your data growth, regulatory and backup challenges. Verde is affordable secondary storage with simple installation, an intuitive user interface for effortless management, and architecture that assures the highest level of data integrity. Verde will meet your long-term archive and backup needs.

Easy to Install, Manage and Scale Out

Spectra VerdeSpectra nTier Verde provides a straightforward and simple solution to add high-grade disk into your data storage structure. Verde storage is readily integrated into existing environments, installing from box to production in less than 30 minutes with virtually no previous storage experience required. nTier Verde also has built-in and customizable parameters that are fluidly adjustable for capacity and speed balancing. You decide whether you want capacity maximization or access speed, or optional variations in between. When the time comes to increase your storage capacity, nTier Verde easily grows with the addition of seamlessly connected expansion nodes in the same rack.

Store More. Spend Less

Because IT budgets are unlikely to ever keep pace with the growth of data creation, cost is always a consideration. Verde stores more than 3.4 PB of raw data in a single 4U rack with 4 TB or 8 TB SAS 3.5″ disk drives. This makes it easy to scale or upgrade drives while preserving your initial investment and footprint. As your system grows you will only pay for additional hardware. To give you even more storage for your money, you can take advantage of compression to store more data on fewer disk drives.

Scale Affordably

Spectra Verde ChartVerde makes it possible to keep up with data growth while keeping it protected, preserved and cost-effective. Scale your storage affordably through Verde’s expansion node architecture and maintains your existing footprint by scaling in place with higher capacity drives.

  • Step 1: Start with ten drives.
  • Step 2: Expand to 35 drives in one full master node
  • Step 3: Expand to 79 drives in one full master & one expansion node.
  • Step 4: Scale to one full rack with up to 431 drives with one full master and nine expansion nodes

Customer Installable

Verde provides a quick and simple solution for adding file storage into your environment. Verde is readily integrated into existing environments, requiring minimal support to install.

Verde presents a true do-it-yourself product, giving you a solution that you can quickly and easily rack and stack, connect and configure.

PriceLock Support Guarantee

To help organizations plan for long-term storage, Spectra has introduced guaranteed future pricing for service contracts on all Verde products in the U.S., subject only to an annual adjustment for inflation.

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