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The Sweet Spot: Panasonic VMZ Series Projectors Provide Exceptional Quality, Value for Money

There are so many brands and models of projectors on the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Z Systems has a favorite- Panasonic’s new line of portable LCD laser projectors, the VMZ series. They are bright, high-resolution, compact- and affordable. Laser versus Lamp – Never Change a Bulb […]

AW-UE150 Both Colors w/ Reflection

Panasonic Releases The Most Advanced PTZ Camera Ever Made

by Frederick Gotfredson The new AW-UE150 Camera features a 1″ inch sensor, a wide viewing angle and supports UHD/4K 60p with HDR. Panasonic also has a new PTZ controller with an LCD screen to pair with the camera.   Until recently, if you wanted a true professional quality live video […]

2018 Camera Comparison Chart – Courtesy of Tom Fletcher & Gary Adcock

This awesome reference is an annual favorite.  It is compiled by Thomas Fletcher and Gary Adock with information gathered from numerous conversations with various cinematographers, rental houses, and manufacturers.  Thanks for sharing it with us, Tom and Gary! Please report discrepancies to It is our sincere goal to have […]