The NewTek TriCaster

The NewTek TriCaster is the all-in-one video production system. Claiming to be, “The most complete video production system on the planet.” The TriCaster Lineup boasts a plethora of features to enable your teams’ creation of professional, captivating, live video.

Key Features:

  • Switching and Compositing
  • Professional Virtual Sets For Live Broadcasts
  • Built-In Video Servers
  • Unlimited Source Recording and Archiving
  • Full Skype TX Software Integration
  • No Compromise Multi-Screen Delivery
  • Real-Time Social Media Publication
  • Multi-Channel Audio Mixing
  • Real-Time Multi-View Video Monitoring
  • MS Word Integrated Teleprompter
  • Customizable Software-Based Control Panels For Use On Any Device
  • NDI(Network Device Interface) Connectivity For Less Wires Without Compromise
Got Two Minutes? See What TriCaster Can Do

TriCaster 2 Elite

TriCaster Model Comparison

There are 7 models of the TriCaster:

  • TriCaster Mini Advanced HD-4
  • TriCaster Mini Advanced HD-4 sdi
  • TriCaster TC-Mini 4K
  • TriCaster 410 Plus
  • TriCaster TC1
  • TriCaster 1 Pro
  • TriCaster 2 Elite

TriCaster Model Selection Tool: Click Here To Find Out Which TriCaster Is Right For You

Premium Access

Premium Access is a subscription-based enhanced feature set for the TriCaster.

Newtek’s ProTek (premium) Support: 800-862-7837
(note: you need to have a contract to access this)

NDI Tools

NDI tools are a free suite of software tools and plug-ins that leverage NewTek’s open standard of high quality video of your Local Area Network (LAN) ethernet.

Internal Recording Formats

Here is a chart of the recording formats the the TriCaster supports (if properly licensed):