The Simple Archive Solution



The Simple Archive Solution

As data transfer rates increase and storage becomes cheaper, one of the biggest hurdles for editors, producers and IT staff is finding an affordable and end easy way to protect valuable media. While external drives are a quick fix, there are risks backing up and archiving this way. Hard drives corrupt, I/O connectivity becomes dated, and all of a sudden, assets become much more difficult to access. Thankfully mLogic has developed a solution called the mTape. It’s an LTO-6 Solution with Thunderbolt connectivity for fast transfer speeds and versatility with such a fast changing industry. Just connect to a computer via Thunderbolt and follow some simple steps for long-term protection of your important data.

1. Download the mTape Utility Softare and mTape Device Driver. 

1) Download the mTape drivers here.

2) Run driver installation.

Capture 2

3) Download the mTape Utility Software here.

2. Turn off sleep mode

-Mac OS X 10.8.x Go to System Preferences – Energy Saver – Set “Computer sleep:” to Never.

sleep 10.8

-Mac OS X 10.9.x Go to System Preferences – Energy Saver – Set “Turn display off after:” to Never.

Sleep 10.9

3. Connect mTape to your computer

1) Press the power button located on the back of the unit down to the “I” position

2) Wait for the green Ready Light on front of mTape to illuminate

3) Power on your computer

4. Verify mTape is recognized by your system.

1) Under “System Information”, verify mTape is displayed under “Thunderbolt” setting…..

Thunderbolt Driver

2) Under “System Information”, verify that the IBM Ultrium LTO-6 inside of mTape is displayed under the “SAS” setting…

SAS Driver

3) Under “System Information”, verify that the mLogic Controller inside of mTape is displayed under the “PCI Cards” setting…

PCI Driver

5. Load LTO-6 cartridge into mTape


It really is that simple. With increasing data rates and file sizes, we feel that the mTape Thunderbolt is one of the best methods on the market today for your backup and archive solutions. mTape Thunderbolt not only revolutionizes LTO, but empowers users to easily connect LTO-6 technology to portable, desktop and all-in-one computers that feature Thunderbolt connectivity.  Dead simple.

See here for pricing and availability.

See here for more information about mTape.