Make A Statement and Be Seen With a Planar Video Wall

LED video walls are only becoming more ubiquitous as display technology becomes more affordable. Large format displays as large as 98 inches are no longer out of reach for corporate, education, government and house of worship use cases.

When searching for your next large format video display, do not overlook the power of Planar video walls. Planar offers the highest quality and highest service standard in the market today.

Planar makes over 35 different lines of large format video displays. 

The two most popular lines are the MGP and TVF series. Both walls:

  • Are Fully front serviceable – which means they can be mounted directly to your wall.
  • Offer HD, 4K, and Custom resolutions (This is a feature not offered by LG or Samsung)
  • Come 5% spares kits for uninterrupted service
  • Come in a wide variety of sizes and aspect ratios.

The MGP Series is a very affordable, yet high quality option for budget conscious applications. It features:

  • Available in the following pixel pitches: 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5 mm
  • 3-year warranty

Here’s a sample package price on a turnkey MGP LED videowall:

The TVF Series is their higher end family and features:

  • finer pixel pitches: 0.9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 mm
  • more accurate color and control – suitable for broadcast applications
  • better contrast due to black resin shaders
  • Optional surface protection
  • Optional touch screen add-on for interactive displays
  • A lifetime parts warranty
  • Optional redundant power supplies on each panel

Here is a sample price on a similar turnkey TVF video wall:

The Time Has Come

A Recent Planar Curved Wall Installation at Edwards Lifesciences in Irving, CA

Do you think direct view LED isn’t quite ready to replace indoor presentation displays? Think again as you read this stunning brief on a recent Planar install for Edwards Lifesciences in Irving, CA:

Pixel Pitch Explained

Pixel pitch is what determines how close a viewer can be to see a continuous image without seeing the individual pixels.  Think about the scoreboard at a sports stadium – they look great from almost anywhere in the stadium, but have you ever stood right in front of one?

A good rule of thumb is to multiply the pixel pitch (in mm) by 10 to get the nearest distance you can be and not discern the pixels. For Example: a 1.2 pixel pitch x 10 is 12′. In this case, the ‘first set of eyes’ shouldn’t be any closer than 12’ to guarantee a good viewing experience.

Z Systems and Planar are Here to Help

Planar has a ton of resources to help you plan and design your video wall project.  Their sales and sales engineering staff want to meet with you to discuss and help.

In addition to that, they have a very powerful videowall designer web app that is free to use – you don’t even have to create a login:

Another great resource is their case studies section of their site: . Here, you’ll find literally hundreds of Planar installations catalogued by vertical markets, product categories, and product families.  A truly great resource.

As always, your Z Systems account manager is happy to help you navigate all these resources and make sure whatever solution you choose is properly customized to your specific business need.

Want to learn more? Planar’s web site has a plethora of resources and online courses you can take. Here is one of our favorites:

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