Remote Monitoring Solutions

Based on customer requests, we recently took it upon ourselves to come up with a viable remote monitoring solution for directors and producers on set.  Our goal was to create a wireless, high quality video monitoring system with long lasting battery power in a hand held application with the option of mounting the unit on a stand.  Our solution was a Wooden Camera Director’s Monitor Cage with an Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery plate, Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q, and a Teradek Bolt Wireless system.

You can see our setup in the picture below.

Cage med

Our basic package with the Odyssey Monitor and Cage is designed primarily for monitoring and does not include hard drives for the Odyssey.  With useful tools like custom LUT options, wave form monitors, focus peaking, false color, etc, we feel that the Odyssey makes a superb monitor and without drives we can offer it at a comparable price to other monitor units.

The Teradek (rented separately) does carry an uncompressed 1080p 8-Bit 4:2:2 signal so you could record with this unit by adding hard drives, but would not get the same bit depth and features that most cameras now offer with internal recording.

The run time on this setup, including powering the Teradek receiver, is over 5 hours on a single Anton Bauer Digital 90 battery.

The monitor cage can also be configured to accept most 5″ and 7″ monitors, and sits easily on any C-Stand or light stand with a baby pin.

Stop in and see it for yourself.

-Keith M