Sony FS5 Workshop at Z Systems Was a Resounding Success!

The Sony PXW-FS5 and FS7m2 digital cinema cameras have been such great sellers.  They both represent an incredible value and really blow away the competition when you compare pricing and features.  Their only problem is that there isn’t much new with them.  We wanted to do an event, but just couldn’t stomach the thought of dragging a bunch of people into a room and Power Pointing them to death.  So this event was 100% hands on!

Participants rotated through 3 different shooting stations:


Station 1: Best Practices  Using Regular Gamma, Log, and Hyper Log Gamma:





Station 2: Shooting Slo-Motion Up To 240 fps.






Station 3: Stripping the Camera Down (to 2.25 lbs w/ lens), using it with the ronin, and seeing how the (almost magical) electronic automatic neutral density filter lets you maintain consistent aperture, shutter speed, and gain settings as you go from inside the shop to bright sunlight.


After the shooting phase, all the participants had a chance to go to an edit station and examine what they shot using their favorite editing software.

Thanks to everyone who participated!