Core SWX – How to Power Sony a7, Sony FS5, Sony FS7, CineAlta, and Broadcast


Sony, as we all know, is a widely diversified corporation selling products from consumer electronics, to their array of professional cameras. Of course they offer many of their own power solutions along with those, but we’re here to offer even more unique options that they might not have.

A7S_edge_webLet’s start first with the Sony a7 series of cameras. The new Powerbase Edge is a 49Wh lithium ion battery that is the most versatile pack on the market. It will either mount to the bottom of the camera using a ¼-20 screw mount, or if you have it set up as a rig, it can mount using the V-Mount on the other side of the pack. The battery is feature packed with two P-taps and two USB ports for additional accessories such a monitor or to even charge your cell phone. In addition, it has a multipurpose runtime LCD to provide remaining runtime in hours and minutes when connected to the camera, which when fully charged will read approximately 8.25 hours as that’s how long the Powerbase Edge will last on the a7 camera series. The LCD also acts as a charge indicator when connected to a charger, providing remaining charge time in hours and minutes. The appropriate Edge sku for the a7 cameras using FW50 batteries is the PBE-A7, and the sku for the a7 cameras using the FZ100 style battery is the PBE-A7FZ.

For Sony cameras accepting the L-Series batteries such as the HXR-NX100 or PXW-Z150, there is a Powerbase Edge model capability for those as well. The sku is PBE-S.

All of Powerbase Edge models mentioned here will come with the 6” adapter cable and PB70-C15 charger. If you need additional cable length there is an extension cable (PBEC-EXT) offered which provides an extra 18”.

nanou98_fs5_blogUp next for the professional Sony cameras are the Sony FS5 and Sony FS7. Luckily for you (and us), we offer the most unique BP style option out there, the NANO-U98. This 98Wh lithium ion pack equipped with a LED power gauge, 1 USB, and 1 p-tap, making it capable of powering additional accessories such as an on-camera light. The batteries will charge on Sony OEM chargers, allowing you to extend the service life on your already existent chargers.

If you’d rather use more of a brick style battery option for your FS7, we have V-Mount and Gold Mount options as well as the appropriate mount plates. The plates, GP-S-FS7 (V-mount) and GP-A-FS7 (Gold mount), mount directly to the back of the FS7 as alternative options to the XDCA-FS7. Our plates do not have any video related processing capabilities as the XDCA, just adapting the camera to V-mount.  They have a 4-pin XLR input option and two p-taps. If you prefer an even more advanced mounting option, we have our compact Jetpack series offering all the power outputs you’ll need.  In addition to having the same power options offered on the plates, the JP-V-FS7 (V-mount) and JP-A-FS7 (Gold mount) also includes one USB, one 5v Lemo output, and two 12v regulated Hirose 4-pin outputs.  Again, no video related processing, just a power option.

Now let’s talk what batteries to put onto these mounts! The Hypercore series of lithium ion battery packs offer different capacities from 98Wh to 190Wh, in either V-mount or Gold mount. The 98Wh options are the Hypercore 9 Mini and Hypercore Slim 98 (both 12A continuous load), the 150Wh is Hypercore 150 (10A continuous load), and the 190Wh is Hypercore Prime (10A continuous load) which is a two-part split battery to make it acceptable for air travel.

All Hypercore batteries deliver SMBUS data to the cameras LCD/VF, and are equipped with rubberized housing, a backlit multipurpose runtime LCD, LED power gauge, 1 P-tap, 1 USB, hibernation mode, storage mode, and compatible charging (What more could you need!?). For more in-depth information on the Hypercore series, visit the “road map” here.

Very similar to the Hypercore packs is the more entry level option, the NANO series. They are 98Wh, and the only differences from Hypercore are they have a lower continuous load at 8A and no multipurpose runtime LCD.


The brick style battery packs can also be used with the Sony a7 cameras mentioned earlier as long as they have the appropriate p-tap, PTC-A7SR.

Any cameras within the CineAlta Line or Broadcast, and outfitted with a V-mount are as well compatible with our brick battery offerings.


We hope this covered all the ground work for you to get your Sony camera’s powered up. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Z Systems. 952-974-3140