Ross Redefines Midsize Production Switchers with Carbonite Ultra

With 240% more processing power than the original Carbonite. The remarkably affordable, the 24-input, 14-output Carbonite Ultra starts at only $10,900 USD.

Carbonite Ultra is built on an entirely new 1RU hardware platform with 240% more processing power than the original Carbonite. Remarkably affordable, the 24-input, 14-output Carbonite Ultra rack starts at only $10,900 USD. This production switcher can be configured with 1-3 MEs, 2-4 16-window MultiViewers, Frame Syncs & Format Converters on all inputs and processing & color correction on all inputs and outputs. Furthermore, Carbonite Ultra follows Ross Video’s Software Defined Production philosophy, meaning more features will be introduced via free-of-charge software updates and new software-licensed functions, yet to be announced, will take Carbonite Ultra beyond a production switcher. In fact, Carbonite Ultra’s next software release will unlock 12G/UHD support for 2ME & 3ME systems.

Going forward, Carbonite Ultra replaces the original Carbonite series of switchers which includes Carbonite, Carbonite Plus and Carbonite MultiMedia.

Carbonite Ultra Overview:

  • 24 Input / 14 Output production switcher in an ultra-compact 1RU chassis.
  • Configurable with up to 3MEs.
  • 4 built-in MiniMEs in every system.
  • Improves on the most popular Carbonite features: more powerful MiniMEs, MediaStores, and MultiViewers
  • The simple and familiar control interfaces of Carbonite Black control panels, ViewControl and DashBoard.
  • Support for SD, HD, 3G 1080P and 12G UHD video standards.
  • Complete set of I/O frame syncs, format converters, colour correctors and proc amps.
  • Software-defined platform that will deliver new, cutting-edge feature upgrades via no-cost software updates.
  • Exciting software-licensed functionalities, yet to be announced, that take Ultra beyond a production switcher.

Carbonite Ultra is now shipping. With the introduction of Carbonite Ultra, the full range of original Carbonite switchers are now in end of production as of IBC 2018:

  • Carbonite & Carbonite Plus – still available for order, but supplies are limited.
  • Carbonite MultiMedia & Carbonite eXtreme – announced in August.

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