Customer Success Story: City of Ham Lake

Council Chambers HD Upgrade

The City of Ham Lake had an aging, standard definition live production system and the time had come for an upgrade. After fielding proposals from several different audiovisual integrators, they selected Z Systems. They noted that Z Systems proposal not only had a competitive cost, but that Z Systems was by far the most responsive vendor in terms or making site visits, returning emails and phone calls, as well as checking in to make sure they had no questions or concerns about the proposal.

City of Ham Lake Microphones at Dais
As part of their HD upgrade, the City of Ham Lake updated their dais monitors and microphones

Z Systems procured and integrated all of the equipment in the proposal, which included a Ross Carbonite Switcher with Lightning control system, a new presentation system and a new audio system.

City of Ham Lake Presentation Control Buttons
Z Systems repurposed existing LED buttons to switch video inputs for the chambers presentation system

Although not a part of the original proposal, Z Systems took it upon themselves (at no cost to Ham Lake) to design and 3-D print specialty custom enclosures for the camera cabling, in order to achieve a concealed, professional look. Additionally, Z Systems repurposed some LED buttons which had been installed on the dais and mounted them on a specialty panel in the control room to allow the presentation system to be controlled from the chambers as well as the control room.

The video switching system, powered by Ross Lightning, featured a touch screen user interface

The installation process started and finished on the exact days which were initially agreed upon. Throughout the process, Z Systems sent daily emails to Ham Lake outlining the work that was done on each day of install, and what was to be done the next day. Ham Lake was so pleased with the quality of work and professionalism, they agreed to take part in a promotional video for Z Systems.

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