Poly Announces new X Series All-In-One Video Conferencing Video Bars with Built-In Zoom Rooms

You no longer need a computer to run Zoom Rooms. Poly’s new Studio X30 and X50 have everything you need for high-quality video conferencing on board.

Almost everyone these days wants video conferencing capabilities in there boardrooms and huddle spaces, but the cost and complexity of these systems is a hurdle that often prevents organizations implementing them.

With the advent of all-in-one video conferencing soundbars (such as the ones we reviewed in a recent blog post) and video collaboration platforms such as Zoom, the process became significantly less costly and complicated. However, there was still a level of complexity, in that a Zoom Rooms system had to include a computer, usually permanently installed, to act as the ‘brain’ of the system. With the new Poly Studio X series of all-in-one video conferencing soundbars, this is no longer the case.

Multi-Platform Support

Upon initial release, the Poly Studio X supports plug-and-play operation with Zoom Rooms. However, Poly has announced that there will be support for Microsoft Teams coming in 2020. The X30 and X50 also offer SIP and H.323 interoperability for communication with other video services.


The Studio X30 and X50 pack quite a punch when it comes to feature set. First of all, they offer outstanding audio and video quality. The 4K camera will automatically zoom in on the speaker. There is a new noise-blocking feature called Noiseblock AI. These devices also feature wireless content and screen sharing without the need for special apps or ‘pucks’ – Just use the built-in screen sharing functionality of your laptop or device.

Poly Studio X30 and X50 Feature Comparison and Pricing

The X30 and X50 have similar feature sets, with the X50 having a few more bells and whistles, not to mention a larger size. The X30 has a single speaker, while the X50 has stereo speakers. The X30 only supports a single display, and the X50 will support dual screens. The X30 is recommended for up to 6 meeting participants, and the X50 is recommended for up to 10. The X30 is priced at $2,199 and the X50 will be $3,499.

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