NewTek CaptureCast

Simplify your remote lectures and presentations with CaptureCast!

Remote learning and presenting has never been so easy to obtain with NewTek’s CaptureCast. Easy setup and easy content delivery will provide a frustration free experience for both students and instructors alike. With NewTek’s CaptureCast, you give your audience the ability to easily attend your lecture or presentation from anywhere in the world. CaptureCast even allows users to interact with content in real time and on demand. CaptureCast is a powerful education tool and has a place in many other applications such as training, corporate, and government experiences.

  • Multi-Media Recording
  • Micro-Broadcasting
  • Web-Based Control Interface
  • Smart Workflows
  • Turnkey Integrations
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Presentation Extraction
  • Central Management and Monitoring App

Let’s Dive In:

  • Record and stream your presentations
  • Automate – CaptureCast allows you to schedule and automate your presentations giving your technology challenged associates peace of mind. With automation, presenters can walk in the room and know the technology for their presentation is setup properly and punctual. This is ideal for when multiple presenters, with different needs, are using the room throughout the day.  
  • Enrich – Content that has been recorded is enriched with metadata giving learners the ability to access content efficiently by simply searching for keywords. This alleviates the need for endless searching to find that one piece of crucial information.
  • Share & Engage – Publish straight to your favorite streaming platform for easy access to your viewers.
  • Web-Based Control Interface – CaptureCast offers an intuitive control interface that is accessible via a web browser.

NewTek CaptureCast Simplifies Lecture Capture, Recording, and Streaming

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