Have You Priced Out a Video Wall Lately?

Video Walls are quickly becoming very affordable, but it can be confusing for first time purchasers. Questions of pixel pitch, cost, processing hardware, and service issues can be rather daunting.

Z Systems is excited to announce MNVideowalls.com – Our goal is to be the best resource for anyone purchasing a video wall in Minnesota, specifically the Twin Cities area.

The dramatic price decreases make a video wall a much more viable choice in areas that you would never normally consider: Projector replacements, huddle rooms, virtual sets / green screens, digital signage, large venue I-Mag (Image Magnification), etc.

Between the brightness and their low profile nature, you can transform almost any surface into a display without having to worry about light shining on it, or standing in the way of a video projector.

Come and see one at our showroom in Saint Louis Park. More importantly, let one of our video wall experts help you design a system that will be affordable and custom tailored to your needs. Since we installed our wall about a month ago, we have been learning a lot about the technology and are excited to share what we have learned with you. It is here to be experimented and played with – so reach out to us if you are interested.

Our 16′ x 9′ 2.6 mm Pixel Pitch Video Wall in Saint Louis Park, MN

Video walls are going to be popping up everywhere in the coming years – they are so bright, so big, and really quite easy to install and manage. As they are becoming more popular, the production economies of scale are drastically bringing down the price. If you haven’t quoted one out in the last six months, it really is time to revisit. The lower costs will blow you away. Here are a couple examples of turn-key systems (panels, cables, processor, road cases, and a 3 year US-based warranty).

We think there are several key markets where video walls will become very popluar:

  • House of Worship – replace your aging, dim projectors with these large and bright alternatives
  • Virtual Production – stop paying for and having to store sets or expensive photographic backgrounds. Instantly change sets when shooting. Especially for more simple projects (training videos, corporate communications, web assets, etc.) a simple wall will really improve your productivity and creativity! The next step is to get into motion tracking, real time dynamic backgrounds with an Unreal Engine rendering server, and an LED Volume – i.e. not just a wall, but side walls and a ceiling.
  • Meeting and Conference Rooms – Even a 98″ Flat Panel won’t convey all of the details that users are used to seeing in hybrid meetings. A large video wall could be the technology that entices your employees to go back to the office.
  • Lobby Display and Signage – Make a bold statement quite simply for your employees, guests, and visitors.
  • Point of Sale – What better way to entice customers over to your store!
  • Trade Show Displays – these are portable and modular – setup is pretty simple and you can tile your booth with whatever dimensions work for you.
  • Image Magnification – for larger events and venues .

The possibilities are endless. Please give us a call to discuss your ideas at 952-974-3410 or email us at sales@zsyst.com