Brompton Is the King of LED Video Wall Processors for Virtual Production

The people at Brompton know LED colorimetry. While at NAB 2023, we saw things at their booth that blew our mind. They are really doing it right with a strong eye for the future. Yes, they cost more money than anyone else, but if maximizing the color accuracy and response of your video wall is important to you, buy a wall using Brompton processors and cards. Its that simple.

The software that comes with Brompton’s system to control color accuracy, gray scale, noise, dynamic range, imperfections at panel seams, and so on is really amazing.

They only have two processors: Awesome (the S8) and Massive (the SX40). Both 4k, both HDR, both come will all of their software goodies. The main difference between the two revolves around how many pixels they can manage:

Something cool they were showing was a technology demonstration of an RGBW (not just RGB) LED panel and processor chain. This is the future!

Note the manufacturer of the panel that they are working with. Kind of a hint of who the real innovators in the market are.