TN Marketing

Z Systems was a crucial partner in creating our new studio space. Their attention to detail and expertise was instrumental to our success. Their understanding of our needs and vision for the future, led us to the perfect solution for our video production requirements.
I highly recommend Z Systems for all your video production needs!

Nate Olson – VP, Video Production at TN Marketing

The Challenge

TN Marketing is a global video streaming service focused on creating communities by engaging people with their passions. Their how-to instruction, centered around lifelong hobbies, reaches members in more than 170 countries. Producing great content is at the core of what they do. Their in-house video production team manages hundreds of video shoots each year, so when the time came to move into a new facility, they took that opportunity to upgrade their production equipment and studio space. They were working from a variety of video tools linked together through dongles and adapters in a small studio space. They needed to decrease the amount of work needed for each production, increase their production output, yet maintain the same level of staff.

The Solution

Z Systems was able to provide valuable assistance to the planning, building, and implementation of their new studio space. In addition to helping with architectural and construction concerns related to building a new studio, Z Systems recommended a Tricaster TC-2 as a solution for their video production needs. It was a perfect fit!

The Outcome

Upon completion of the new studio space and the installation of the Tricaster TC-2, Z Systems provided training support for the TC-2.  The all-inclusive solution removed the need to connect multiple pieces of equipment together and had everything they needed right at their fingertips.  The NewTek Tricaster ecosystem provided tools and functions to enhance their productions and live events.  The use of macros and presets allowed them to do more with the same personnel.  They continue to crank out a massive amount of content for their 18 websites. Check out their amazing communities at