Accsoon: Democratizing Wireless Video

Accsoon hit the market a few years ago as just another affordable wireless video transmission system, offering a cheap alternative to systems like Teradek for on-set remote monitoring. Since then Accsoon has developed a line of products that set them apart from their competitors. Their latest models, like the CineView Quad Multi-spectrum system, offer both HDMI and SDI support in one unit, as well as dual band wireless transmission, sending signal over both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wi-fi bands simultaneously, which provides a much more stable connection between the transmitter and receiver for those challenging sets where wireless interference historically would have been a problem. The signal can also be monitored by up to 4 devices simultaneously, including iOS and Android devices running the Accsoon Go app.

Special Easter egg, Z Systems favorite presenter Alister Chapman

In addition, they announced just ahead of NAB this year a new product called SeeMo (pictured above).  SeeMo is a device that converts any HDMI signal into a signal that can be read by iOS devices so you can use your iPhone or iPad as an on camera or director’s monitor. The benefits to this are innumerable as iPhones and iPads have the latest and best screens available and are already calibrated. You can also use Accsoon’s free SEE iOS app to give you all the monitoring tools you might want. You can also stream and record right from your iOS device using the SeeMo. And these features are just the beginning. Because of all the technology built into phones, SeeMo could potentially use those features in creative ways, if someone writes the code. For example, newer iPhones have LIDAR built in that could be used for focus assisting, they have highly accurate accelerometers which could be used for positioning and tracking data for virtual production. If you’re thinking “That’s cool, but I can’t have my phone tied to my camera all the time”, not to worry.  The SeeMo is compatible with any iPhone back to the iPhone 8, so you could pick up a second hand iPhone inexpensively, just to use as your camera monitor.  The SeeMo isn’t quite available yet, with estimated mid-summer delivery of the first units.