BirdDog – Leaning into NDI with Their PTZ Camera Line

Birddog isn’t new to our industry or to NDI, but they certainly are getting our attention. They have quietly established themselves as one of the true leaders in PTZ camera technology while a lot of others are just slapping their labels onto the same unit. They are developing their own chip sets, so you won’t get these same features and the clean integration anywhere else.

They have a lot more interesting stuff than we will be mentioning here, but what follows are some of the highlights…

PTZ Cameras

First of all, we think they have the best, easiest-to-use, and most fully featured control software. It comes with every camera for no charge. Check out this link for more information.

Second Note: All Birddog cameras now come with a 5 Year Limited Warranty. That is amazing – nobody else does that.


The Worlds First Wi-Fi Production PTZ Cameras

An amazing camera at an amazing price point. It’s killer feature is low cost NDI HX3 that can stream over a Wi-Fi connection for a totally wireless setup!

Yet it still has HDMI and SDI outputs as well. Sony Exmor R sensor, and all the cool software.

Note: This is the only Birddog camera that doesn’t have full bandwidth NDI – hence the price point.

We can’t wait to see this!

BDP110 & 120

Full NDI Cameras – HD Only

If you need a high quality camera, but don’t need or want 4k capabilities, then these are for you. The 110 features a 10x zoom and the 120 has 20x zoom.

Otherwise, fully featured w/ SDI, HDMI, and USB I/O.

BDP400 – Affordable 4K Camera

Frankly, we aren’t sure about this one, since the BDP4K seems to be getting all the accolades. It may make sense, though, to get 10 bit 4k performance at almost 1/2 of the price.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your thoughts…


The King of the Hill

We are hearing that this camera compares quite favorably to the industry’s best 4k cameras that cost almost twice as much! Plus you get that awesome software, and full bandwidth NDI built-in – no licenses to add.

This may be the one to beat!

A really nice controller at a good price. A much better drive than most of the other controllers in this price range.

Other Birdsh*t

Please checkout their site and read about all the other cool things they are doing with NDI and NDI device management: Software Routers, Monitoring Systems, Fleet Management (not taxi cabs), SDM’s (haven’t heard of them yet? you will), and even an incredibly clever and affordable videowall scheme that uses NDI. There is a lot going on with Birddog!