ForsceneForscene, from Forbidden, is the world’s most advanced cloud-based professional video editing software and the post-production platform of choice for video makers across the globe.

Designed, developed and shaped by professionals to be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. With Forscene, media makers of every discipline can make the stories demanded by today’s global audiences, better than ever before.

Works on your existing equipment

Forscene is the cloud video platform of choice for broadcast, sport, news, corporate and education media makers across the globe. With Forscene you have the power to store, review, log, edit and export professional video footage on-demand, easily and securely – on any PC, Mac or tablet


Agile collaboration saves you time and money

Forscene provides you with a central point of access to video footage – enabling anytime, anywhere collaboration. It simplifies and accelerates post-production workflows. Forscene is simple to access via any web browser and is the only unified platform that centralises content and post-production entirely in the cloud. Forscene not only saves you time, but a great deal of money.


The flexibility to work the way that works for you

Forscene lets you work on a proxy copy of your media – which doesn’t demand huge bandwidth or processing power – while enjoying Forscene’s full functionality. For greater clarity, you have the option to work with a high-resolution proxy, or enjoy the best of both worlds by swapping between the two. Both link directly back to your original source.


Integrates with all the leading video technologies

Forscene fits seamlessly into your overall production workflow by integrating with all the leading acquisition, media storage and finishing tools. Forbidden works with organisations like Sony, EVS and deltatre to provide live-event clients with end-to-end solutions. Long-form clients benefit from

Forscene’s integration with the leading acquisition, media storage and finishing tools. Forscene is proven among media and entertainment companies the world over, with more than five million hours of professional video content logged, edited, reviewed and/or published to date.


Unprecedented value and unlimited scalability in a single package

Forscene software is delivered as a service (SaaS) and charged per concurrent user. It is available on

a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis and you can be up and running within minutes. To complete the picture Forscene offers secure access and unlimited scalability – all in one versatile package.


The story of Forscene at a glance

  • Pioneer in cloud video post-production
  • Available anywhere in the world on any device with an internet connection
  • One platform for all content and post-production workflows
  • Integrates with the leading video technologies
  • Affordable and flexible – SaaS delivery with PAYG billing


Forscene is brought to you by Forbidden, the company dedicated to empowering the world’s media makers; for the full story visit