All-in-one live production switcher available as software or integrated hardware from the makers of the world’s leading live streaming platform.


Meet the Livestream Studio Family

Studio HD50

Studio HD50

Live Production Switcher

Affordable, semi-portable 5 input model. Featuring digital HD.

Studio HD500

Studio HD500

Live Production Switcher

Truly portable 5 input model. Ideal for live productions in the field.

Studio HD900

Studio HD900

Live Production Switcher

9 input rackmount model ideal for studios, facilities and trucks.

Studio HD1700

Studio HD1700

Live Production Switcher

17 input rackmount model ideal for studios, facilities and trucks.

Studio Softare

Studio Software

Live Production Software

5 input software version. Freedom to build your own system.

Built-in Multiview

Seeing all your cameras in real-time is the key to making the best editorial decisions. Livestream Studio™ has a built-in multiview with all the features you’d expect from a live production control room, including full field-rate display (no matter how many inputs), tally, input labels and audio levels.

External Multi-screen

Extend the multiview on additional screens to let the full team engage and participate in your production. Easily build a state of the art master control room with up to four large multiview screens, complete with customizable layouts and logos.

Creative Transitions

Cut, dissolve or select from our large collection of wipe transitions when producing your live show.

Built-in Audio Mixer

Studio’s all-encompassing audio tools cater to producers of all sizes from a one man band to a full production team. Our intelligent audio mixer features mix automation, SDI & HDMI embedded audio, level monitoring, peak warnings as well as our innovative channel grouping. External audio mixers are welcome too!

Built-in Graphics Editor

Our fully featured two channel graphics generator allows you to create templates and dynamically change scores, lower third text or other graphic elements on the fly. The editor is built right into the user interface and supports text, transparent images, live picture-in-picture video, countdowns and a range of graphic effects including drop shadows, borders, crops and more.

Two Downstream Key Overlays

Overlay graphics as layers on top of your program mix with transparency. Ideal for corner bugs, sport scoring, lower thirds, picture-in-picture and other broadcast graphics needs.


Composite up to 5 live audio/video sources together within the graphics editor; Ideal for a simple second camera angle, a scoreboard cam or a broadcast network 4-person live chat over animated background video.

Media Recording

Record your program output in broadcast quality to a file for editing and archiving. Master format: BlackMagic Design compatible MJPEG AVI (100Mbps).

Two Media Players

Adding recorded material to your program is quick and easy. Import all popular media formats, including H.264 as well as MP3 & WAV audio. Build playlists, loop clips, and auto-play on transition. Trim clips down for broadcast, and quickly scrub to find exactly what you’re looking for. If a clip does not match your project settings, the built in transcoder will convert the file to match.

Integrated Live Streaming Encoder

Unlike most broadcast quality production switchers, Livestream Studio™ comes with a built-in H.264/AAC multi-bitrate live streaming encoder. You can stream HD video directly to Livestream, UStream, YouTube Live or any RTMP compatible server or CDN (Wowza Media Server, Akamai, Flash Media Server). Now supports ZiXi streaming protocol and 1080p streaming when using custom quality settings.

Stream to Any Device

Livestream supports simultaneous output to desktop browsers, Roku® connected TVs, iOS™ and Android™ devices. Invisible to the end user, this is achieved through a combination of Flash®, adaptive bitrate HLS and RTSP streaming protocols.

Live Video Output

Output your live program via SDI or HDMI to large format in-venue screens (iMag), broadcast networks or to complement your workflow using external video hardware such as graphics generators, encoders and recorders.


Input different video formats into the same project with ease and without the need of external converters, saving you time and money.

Tally Light

Keep your talent and camera operators in the know on what source is live and what source is coming next via our tally light integration. Currently supports tally devices from MetaSETZ.

Mid-Roll Ad Insertion

Using a Livestream Platform Enterprise* account, add your Google DFP ID and start monetizing your stream with mid-roll advertising. Simply press the “Insert Advertisement” button.

Works with BlackMagic Design Devices

Livestream Studio™ works exclusively with BlackMagic Design™ devices for video input and output. See full list of compatible devices.

Fast Intuitive Control

Live broadcasts require speed and precision. Control any function via user-definable shortcuts or use the Livestream Studio™ Keyboard with key production functions highlighted (included free with Studio HD900™ and Studio HD1700™). In Winter 2013, we will be releasing the Livestream Studio™ Control Surface, a tactile modular control panel built for Livestream Studio™ products.