Our goal is to help you navigate the complex world of digital video production and post production by providing the best products, education, service, and pre- and post-sales support, at a competitive price.

Personalized Sales

With Z Systems, you’ll be dealing with people who know you, and know your business — not a 1-800 number or a faceless website. You’ll have a personal account manager who will learn about your business and help you find the right solutions for your situation. We also offer hands-on product demos, educational sessions, loaner equipment, and rentals. And even with all these additional services, we still sell our gear for the same prices you’ll find online.

Careful Design

Despite the video world’s preponderance of bleeding-edge equipment, we do not automatically reach for it. Success and reliability exist in the world of known quantities. When designing your system, we specify equipment that has proven itself. We use time-tested and documented configurations, which translates to fewer call-backs and happier customers.

Rigorous Testing

We take great satisfaction in the number of support calls we don’t get in a day. Anything we handle will be thoroughly tested — we drive your video system until it drops frames; we pound your hard drives until they choke; we test every single wire and connection. Then, we dial in your audio levels and tweak your deck settings. The result: a system you can use with confidence.

Great Support

…is a technician who’s experienced and passionate about pro video.
…is not having to ask what your configuration is.
…is being able to intelligently understand your problem and offer solutions, without putting you on hold or reading a script.

If you’re out of town, no problem! We can dial in remotely and troubleshoot your computer. And if you’re local, we have a fully-equipped ‘video ambulance’ van with which to scream in for emergencies.

We can and will fix your problem!