Accsoon SeeMo Pro SDI/HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Adapter


Key Features
  • Use iPhone/iPad as a Camera Monitor
  • Simultaneous Monitor/Record/Live Stream
  • Power with L-Series Battery or DC Input
  • SDI & HDMI Camera Input, SDI Loop Output
  • USB-C Power/Video Output to iPhone/iPad
  • Capture up to 1080p60, H.264 Codec
  • Includes USB-C & USB-C/Lightning Cables
  • 4 x 1/4″-20 Threads, Mounting Bracket
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Accsoon SeeMo Pro SDI/HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Adapter for iPhone/iPad

There’s no need to purchase a separate monitor when using your camera, if you already own an iPhone or iPad, since the SeeMo Pro SDI/HDMI to USB-C Video Capture Adapter from Accsoon provides that link for you. The SeeMo Pro enables the use of your iPhone or iPad screen as an external camera monitor for cameras with HDMI or SDI output, and it delivers additional functionality to make it the ideal accessory for filmmakers on the go. You can record HD footage directly from your camera through the SeeMo Pro onto your phone or tablet, or live stream what your camera sees onto your favorite social media platform to share travel adventures, gym classes, university lectures, parties, or weddings from your camera in HD quality.

A Monitor in Your Pocket
Useful for the filmmaker on the go, this compact unit works well with handheld cameras such as DSLR, mirrorless, small camcorders, gimbals, or in your creator studio. Inputs include HDMI and 3G-SDI ports, and it can output to your device or to another monitor using the SDI loop output if you need a larger view. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the SeeMo Pro using the included USB-C cable and there’s no need to carry around an extra monitor.
Power Options
The Seemo Pro can be powered by a widely available rechargeable L-series type battery, or it can be powered using a separately available power source such as a V-mount or Gold mount battery or AC adapter using the 2-pin LEMO-type input. A 5V/3A USB-C output port on the side of the SeeMo Pro allows you to power devices like microphones or small on-camera lights, or another smartphone or tablet.
Live Stream from Anywhere, Anytime
In addition to monitoring, the SeeMo Pro can also stream H.264 video to popular streaming platforms like YouTube from your camera, mixer, or other HDMI or SDI source without the need for a cumbersome laptop or extra boxes.Setup is simple and the SeeMo Pro uses your iOS device’s cellular or Wi-Fi connection to stream at up to 1080p60. It can also utilize Accsoon’s CineView wireless transmitters to send video to additional monitors and devices.

Record on Your Phone/Tablet for Instant Sharing
The SeeMo Pro can also record an H.264 video directly from your camera to your iPhone or iPad’s camera roll. This makes it easy to instantly share clips for social media from your camera. You can also use this as a backup to the main footage on your camera, or even use them to edit videos when time is of the essence.
Utilize Your Screen’s Technology
Adding a SeeMo Pro and utilizing the high-resolution display on your iPhone or iPad gives you a clear, bright view of what your camera is seeing. The color reproduction, brightness, and resolution is better on your iPhone than on many standard monitors, and iPhones and iPads benefit from the very latest screen technology and improve year after year. Use the 1/4″-20 threads on each side to place the SeeMo Pro anywhere on your rig, so it’s in the right location for the best view.
A Pro Grade Monitor for Anyone, Anytime
You no longer need to fear out of focus, poorly composed, or poorly exposed shoots when using your mirrorless camera or DSLR to shoot video. To check focus, simply tap your iPhone or iPad screen and magnify the image, use waveforms or zebras to judge exposure, or line up your shot with grid overlays. Or, flip your iPhone or iPad around and keep yourself perfectly framed while vlogging.



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