Accsoon TopRig S60 Motorized Camera Slider (16.7″)


Key Features

  • Camera Slider with Brushless Motor
  • 16.7″ Travel Distance
  • 55° Panorama, Loop Mode, Time-Lapse
  • 8.8 lb Horizontal Load Capacity
  • NP-F Battery Plate, DC Input
  • USB-C Power Output
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Accsoon TopRig S60 Motorized Camera Slider (16.7″)

The TopRig S60 Motorized Camera Slider from Accsoon allows you to complete smooth, stable panning shots remotely thanks to its brushless motor system and smooth start/stop mechanism. The S60 features a total travel distance of 16.7″ and a horizontal load capacity of 8.8 lb. Onboard controls set A/B points, adjust speed, and toggle different modes. Bluetooth technology connects the slider to your phone and iOS/Android-compatible app for remote control. The slider can operate via an NP-F battery or a DC power source.

Precise and Smooth Movements
The S60’s smooth start/stop movements and powerful brushless motor make it suitable for camera configurations employing telephoto or macro probe lenses. Even at such close proximity to your subject, the S40 will ensure your footage is stable.
Intuitive Speed Control
With a total speed range of 0.1 to 5cm/s or 0.04 to 2in/s, the S60 can perform camera movements at a speed that best suits your production. It employs an S-curve acceleration and deceleration to keep the shot smooth and stable no matter the travel speed of your camera. Use the onboard knob to decrease or increase the speed as you see fit.
Other Onboard Controls
  • Speed adjustment knob
  • Power on/off
  • Loop mode setting
  • A/B points setting
  • Start/stop
Multi-Angle Movement
The S60’s guide wheel design allows you to mount it horizontally, vertically up to 90°, and in various slanted orientations on tripod legs of your choice. When in vertical mode the slider can accommodate reduced loads up to 5.5 lb.
Bluetooth App Control
Download the iOS- and Android-compatible TopRig app to control your S60 via Bluetooth technology. Calibrate the slider, set your A/B points, toggle between loop modes, and define other parameters. With a separately available camera control cable, the app can also toggle video shooting and time-lapse.
Power Options
An integrated NP-F battery plate can power the S60 for up to 60 hours in horizontal orientation. A DC input offers another form of power without needing to swap out batteries. The S60 also has a 5V USB-C output port to charge your phone or power camera accessories.

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