AJA Pak 256GB SSD Module (exFAT)


Key Features
  • Preformatted for exFAT
  • Compatible with CION Production Camera
  • Compatible with Ki Pro Ultra/Ki Pro Quad
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AJA Pak 256GB SSD Module (exFAT)

Add a high-capacity SSD to your camera or recorder using a separately available Pak Dock with the Pak 256GB SSD Module from AJA. The PAK256-X3 is a solid-state drive encased in a protective metal housing. It features a reinforced connector that is engineered for repeated insertion and removal cycles and is preformatted for exFAT.

This AJA Pak 256GB SSD module is compatible with the CION production camera as well as the Ki Pro Ultra and Ki Pro Quad 4K/Ultra HD/2K/HD file-based recorders and players. For offloading recordings, the drive inserts into an optional AJA Pak Dock (sold separately) that outputs via Thunderbolt or USB 3.0.

The PAK Media Enterprise-rated flash memory has greater endurance than typical consumer media and provides data retention during power loss. And that’s not a question of if, but when. Each unit is quality tested and burned in to ensure continuity between drives.

The PAK256-X3 features a ruggedized connector that’s integrated into the enclosure and rated for ten thousand Insertions keeping your files safe long term. The cast aluminum enclosure is what makes the portability of this SSD possible by protecting it from in-the-field work environments and the occasional drop.


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