Angelbird 1TB AV Pro CFexpress 2.0 Type A Memory Card


Key Features

  • 1TB Storage Capacity
  • PCIe 3.0 x1 Bus
  • Max Read Speed: 820 MB/s
  • Max Write Speed: 730 MB/s
  • Sustained Read Speed: 750 MB/s
  • Sustained Write Speed: 650 MB/s
  • For 8K and 4K Raw Video and Photos
  • Resists Moisture, X-Rays, Magnets, Shock
  • Protects Against Overheating and Dust
  • Withstands Extreme Temperatures
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Angelbird 1TB AV Pro CFexpress 2.0 Type A Memory Card

Designed for capturing up to 8K raw video, as well as stills and burst photography, the 1TB AV Pro MK2 CFexpress 2.0 Type A Memory Card from Angelbird supports steady and uninterrupted media captures. It features a capacity of 1TB and uses the PCIe 3.0 x1 bus to deliver maximum read speeds of 820 MB/s, maximum write speeds of 730 MB/s, sustained read speeds of 750 MB/s, and sustained write speeds of 650 MB/s.

Compatible with devices that support CFexpress 2.0 Type A, this card will support 16-bit recording options for a wider range of post-production editing options. It has been engineered with protection against shock, vibration, overheating, moisture, X-rays, magnets, dust, and temperature extremes from 14 to 158°F. Hardware and software data recovery plus a limited 3-year warranty are included. Please note that data recovery is provided for free, as long as your card is in warranty.

To receive the full limited warranty, the product needs to be registered on the Angelbird Personal Service Portal within 30 days after purchase.

  • Sustained write speeds of 650 MB/s support consistent quality recording at all available modes for long-duration video and burst photography on Sony Alpha and Sony FX cameras.
  • Stable Stream technology ensures stable, uninterrupted read/write performance maintained throughout the entire capacity of the card.
  • Update card firmware with the Angelbird CFexpress Type A Card Reader for ongoing camera compatibility and to maintain the full feature set of Angelbird CFexpress Type A cards.
  • Engineered beyond tough with protection against moisture, x-ray, magnets, shock, and dust, thanks to its rock-solid build quality. It also operates at a minimal power drain from the host camera.
  • Activate your product benefits within 30 days of purchase and receive a limited 3-year warranty, including individualized customer service, technical support, and free data recovery service on the hardware and software level, provided by the Angelbird tech team in Austria.



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