Aputure 10-Piece GOBO KIT Size B


Key Features

  • For Aputure Spot Fixtures
  • 10 x Size B Gobos for Fixture Slot
  • Projects Images and Patterns
  • Fireworks, Linear, Dot, Fire
  • Church Window, Modern Window, Scatter
  • Lightning, Ripple, Grille
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Aputure Spotlight 10-Piece Gobo Kit

Designed for use with the projection attachment of the Light Storm LC 120d II, 120D, and 300D, the Spotlight 10-Piece Gobo Kit from Aputure allows lights outfitted with the Spot Light to project B-size (3.4″) patterns or images from the 10-piece set or any other B-sized gobos. The kit includes Fireworks, Linear, Dot, Church Window, Modern Window, Fire, Scatter, Lightning, Ripple, and Grille gobos.


Purchase Includes:

  • Aputure Spotlight 10-Piece Kit
  • Fireworks Gobo
  • Linear Gobo
  • Dot Gobo
  • Fire Gobo
  • Church Window Gobo
  • Modern Window Gobo
  • Scatter Gobo
  • Lightning Gobo
  • Ripple Gobo
  • Grille Gobo


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