Blackmagic Design 2110 IP Presentation Converter


Key Features

  • All converters conform to the SMPTE-2110 IP video standard
  • Choose between Mini Converter or rack mount models
  • Uses readily available 10G Ethernet for low cost installation
  • Re-syncs SDI inputs to a common PTP clock
  • Includes NMOS Protocol for building a virtual router
  • Low latency, open standard Blackmagic IP10 codec
  • Supports all SD, HD and Ultra HD formats up to 2160p60
  • Built in Control Panel: 6 buttons, spin knob and 2.2 inch color display for menu and settings. Front speaker on/off button.
  • Half rack unit width, 1 rack unit height.
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Blackmagic Design 2110 IP Presentation Converter for Speaker Podiums/Laptops/Projectors and Microphones

The Blackmagic 2110 IP Presentation Converter is designed for speaker podiums with connections for laptops, projectors and microphones all in the one converter. Computers can connect via USB for both video and power. Includes 2 standards converters.

All Blackmagic 2110 IP Converters support the NMOS interface specifications so all 2110 IP video devices can operate together as a large virtual router. Plus Videohub Smart Control can route sources to destinations on 2110 IP networks because it can act as an NMOS controller.

Blackmagic 2110 IP Converters are designed to support the highest quality video. 10-bit is the most commonly used television standard as colors can be represented with 4 times the precision of 8-bit video. Only working with 10-bit video will ensure all images are a perfect pixel for pixel transmission of the original SDI source, so users are always working at the absolute highest quality possible.

By using 10G Ethernet, Blackmagic SMPTE-2110 IP video products can be smaller, lower power and more affordable. Plus 10G Ethernet can allow products to be remote powered. However, when using Ultra HD above 30fps, there is not enough bandwidth for uncompressed 10-bit video. The Blackmagic IP10 codec solves this problem! It has a low latency of 8 samples, is open standard and has no license fees. Plus it’s an extremely small codec that uses very few FPGA resources, so it ensures SMPTE-2110 IP video products remain affordable!

Blackmagic 2110 IP Converters have connections that support SD, HD and Ultra HD video standards. This means it can connect existing SDI broadcast equipment to new IP based infrastructure. In Ultra HD customers get support for all standards up to 2160p60. The converters will auto switch to a new video standard when the input changes.

Please Note! Copy Protection! HDMI input is unable to capture from copy protected HDMI sources. Always confirm copyright ownership before capture or distribution of content.



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