Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor


Key Features

  • Specifically designed for multi-cam editing for news cutting and live sports replay
  • USB Type-C
  • Bluetooth 5.1 LE
  • Internal battery with power switch
  • QW: qw

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Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor Hardware Control Panel

The Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor is a hardware control panel that combines features for both replay and for multicam editing. Its affordable design has the same high quality keys that gaming keyboards use, so it’s reliable and feels nice to use. With features for both replay and editing, it means the same operator can work on replays while loading them into the timeline with the keyboard’s editing features. This makes it incredibly fast to use. Plus the buttons have been spaced so you can locate them by feel. Even the trim keys work with the large search dial for greater speed and accuracy. The panel can connect via USB or Bluetooth and the large internal battery lasts for hours.

View Live Input
The live input button changes the viewer to a direct input from video hardware such as a switcher multi-view! This means you can add a low latency view of your cameras, ready to mark the POI for replay.

To mark an event, simply press the POI button or the space bar when input view is selected. This will set the POI time from the video input timecode, then switch to the source view and cue to the POI.

Go to End
If you get distracted while editing and miss an event, then just press GO TO END! It takes you to the end of the media which was just recorded. Then you can scroll back to see what happened.

Find Best Angle
You can scroll back and see all the camera angles, because DaVinci Resolve can play them simultaneously into a multi-view. That makes it easy to find and select the best angle for your replay!

Auto Stinger
Before you start a replay, you might want to enable an auto stinger. This automatically rolls a stinger when starting or stopping a replay. You can also select different stingers with the title keys.

Set Transitions
When rolling a replay, the cut and dissolve buttons let you select the type of transition you want when sequencing shots. Now each time you select a new camera, you get a nice dissolve transition.

Start Replay
The RUN button starts a replay and enables the key channel output so the switcher will show the playback and start the auto stinger. It also starts logging when adding the replay to the timeline.

Set Playback Speed
You can do live speed changes by using the slider control. You can slow playback speed on both the viewer and the timeline. When you slow to stop, the search dial lets you jog around the paused area.

Switch Between Cameras
Use the camera buttons to cut between cameras when playing to air. The viewer will continue to show a multi-view and the selected camera being output to the video output. It’s like a switcher!

Sequence Shots
If you press one of the time keys and a CAM button while playing to air, DaVinci Resolve will jump playback to the selected time before the POI for the selected camera. You can even select it to use a transition!

Stop Replay
The DUMP button stops replay and then adds the shots to the timeline if one is selected. Plus it can run the auto stinger. It’s smart so it will wait a little while if you just sequenced to a new shot.

New Timelines
The new timeline key will save the current timeline and open a new timeline with a similar name. There is no dialog window displayed so it’s very fast. You could create a new timeline for each replay!



**Shipping in May 2024

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