Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio


DaVinci Resolve Studio, from Blackmagic Design, is a renowned advanced color correction software and now also a full-fledged, non-linear editing system — it even allows to you to import projects from other NLEs, such as from Premiere Pro, as XML files. You can edit, color correct, finish, and deliver all from one system. Moreover, Resolve is highly sophisticated and oriented at the same time toward the individual user, large collaborative teams, and the growing studio owner. It’s completely scalable and resolution independent, so it can be used on set, in a small studio, or integrated into large production pipelines.

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DaVinci Resolve Studio Key Features

Automatic Processes
  • Automatic color match grade from one to many clip
  • Automatic 3D perspective object multi-point tracker
User Interface
  • Offline clip icon displayed if media is missing from media pool or storage
Custom Curves Grading
  • Custom Curves with bezier handle control
  • Image contrast adjustable with flexible curve end points
  • HDR curve control for extended dynamic range images
Secondary Grading
  • Additional advanced 3D keyer with multiple additive isolation qualifiers
  • Keyer Finesse controls also include Clean Black and Clean White
Power Windows
  • Conversion of Circle, Linear, and Polygon windows to PowerCurve window
Automatic Object Tracking
  • 3D Perspective object tracking
  • Support for insertion and deletion of window shape points even after tracking analysis
  • Automatic keyframe blending between PowerCurve/Polygon window control points
Internal and External Key/Matte
  • Connect RGB to KEY node and KEY to RGB node for extended key grading control
Fully Nodal Processing Architecture
  • Quick and simple node graph clean up tool
Compound Node Flexibility
  • Multiple nodes can be combined and displayed as a single node
  • Compound nodes include one full featured downstream corrector
  • Compound nodes can be opened and edited and saved
  • Store Memories, Stills, and PowerGrades as Compound Nodes
  • User locks of Compound Nodes permit sharing without revealing internal structure
Clip Version Grading
  • Delete unused version option
Clip Group Grading
  • Pre or Post clip group grade can be collapsed into the main clip node graph
DaVinci Managed Colorspace Grading
  • User selection of Source, Timeline, and Output color space
  • Mix REC.709, BMD Film, Linear, 2.2 gamma, etc. with a consistent monitor and output color space
  • REC.709 timeline default simplifies grading with multiple source color spaces
ACES Colorspace Grading
  • ACES Colorspace v1.0 transform support
Panasonic Varicam Grading
  • Real-time decoding and playback of Panasonic Varicam 35 clips
  • Automatic color space and decode config using camera metadata
Copy Grades Between Clips
  • Add Correction and Add Correction With Keyframes can be selected from one thumbnail to multiple
Ripple Grades Between Clips
  • Ripple from one clip to many
  • Ripple from one clip to selected group
  • Ripple and append new node to many clips

Edit Features

  • Support for audio plug-ins
  • Simplified Option click single track Auto Track selection
  • Enhanced Edit/Media playback to prioritize audio for slow codecs or complex grades
Flexible Full Featured User Interface
  • Flexible User Interface with top down selections of display layout
  • Select just Timeline and viewers or add Inspector, mixer, media pool and effects as you need
  • Fit to screen toggles on Edit and Color pages with position memory
  • Title and transform motion paths are visible and editable on the viewer
  • Motion paths include bezier handle control
  • Reference video comparisons to timeline with SDI output
Multi-Cam Editing
  • On-the-fly optimized media for smooth multi-cam playback
  • Sync clips by timecode, in/out point, audio, or manually
  • User selection to switch or cut to alternative angle
  • User selection to for video only, audio only, or both
  • Angle selection by mouse or keyboard
  • Cuts honor Link Selected modes
Timeline and Viewers
  • Option clicking to split video and audio during roll
Trim Edits
  • Multi-selection trimming of edits or clips
  • Asymmetrical trimming of multiple clips on the same track
  • Double click trim modes to place in source viewer
  • Real-time audio playback of multiple audio channels even in reverse play
  • Smooth audio playback for frame-by-frame playback, nudge, and JKL fast and slow stepping
  • Smooth audio playback for JKL and dynamic JKL trimming
  • Constant Audio sync with video for easy to the word editing
  • Re-sampled audio for speed changed clips
  • Support for 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192 kHz audio
  • Audio only clips can be edited and rendered
  • Support for audio Automation controls
Audio Plug-In Support
  • Support for a wide range of VST and AU plug-ins
  • Multiple plug-ins can be applied per clip or per track
  • Support for a wide range of VST and AU plug-ins
  • Edit page inspector used for most plug-in controls
  • Support for plug-in user UI controls
Timeline List
  • Timelines can be nested and edited just like compound clips
  • Nested Timelines can be decomposed and re-edited
  • Timelines and timeline folders consolidated into Media Pool for simple select all operations
  • Curve editor for transitions provides ultimate flexibility and effect control

Scalable Power

Quality Image Processing
  • DaVinci Color Managed Color Science
Dynamic Multi-Point Render Cache
  • User selectable render cache of clips in multiple layer composite
  • User selectable Render Cache for final render option

DaVinci Resolve Studio Studio Media

Real-Time Mixed Image and File Support
  • Optimized media and proxy support for using the same project on systems with different performance
Media File Flexibility
  • Media Storage Favorites to quickly find commonly used folders
  • Generation of subclips from the Media Storage or within the Media Pool
  • Media Pool Smart Bins with non-destructive sort filters and nested selection criteria
  • Display name column in Media Pool offers simple-to-advanced tag based naming on any or multiple clips
  • Drag and drop clips from desktop to Media Pool bins or Timelines
  • Simple one folder re-link operation for offline clips
Media Management
  • Clips and Timelines can be copied, transcoded, moved, and deleted via media management rules
  • Copied, transcoded, and moved clips can be automatically relinked to current timelines
  • Full source clips, as used or used with handle controls for media management operations
  • LUTS, stills, and cache can also be archived and restored
Camera Codec Support
  • Panasonic Varicam v35 and HS


  • Export to ProTools with separate audio clips, single layer video mix-down, and AAF
  • Render Audio only clips
  • Render Sony XAVC Intra

DaVinci Resolve Studio Control

Multiple Panel Support
  • Supports Tangent Devices Wave and Elements, JL Cooper Eclipse, Avid Artist Color, and Oxygentec ProPanel control panels


DaVinci Resolve Studio Workflow

Grade Live On Set
  • Grade real time video direct from the camera
  • Primaries, secondaries, power windows and more
  • Confirm lighting and camera angles on set
  • Save looks that can be applied to you camera raw files during grading
  • See exactly how your shots are going to look when finished
Post Production
  • Vast native camera file and video format support
  • Work from your camera original files without conversion
  • Edit and grade virtually any type of footage in real time
Collaborative Editing and Grading
  • An editor and multiple colorists can work on the same timeline from different workstations simultaneously to complete a shot
  • Break down a large job into parts that can be worked on separately
Editing and Grading for Photographers Turned Cinematographers
  • Raw image and color grading controls
  • Adjust images precisely or use a color chart to automatically balance your footage
Remote Grading
  • Choose your favorite colorist for the job, wherever they are in the world
  • Work over a regular Internet connection, in real time
Multi-Camera Productions
  • Resolve’s multi-cam tool lets you sync cameras manually using marked points or automatically using timecode or audio waveforms
  • Switch cameras as if cutting live
  • Go back and refine the cut with b-roll or alternate takes, or intercut with other multi-cam timelines
Episodic Television
  • Resolve’s compatibility with editing systems lets colorists start grading before the final edit is complete
  • Every time changes are made in editorial they can be sent to Resolve and the timeline will update automatically
  • You can work right up to the on-air deadline and deliver the final master as soon as you complete your grade
Supporting Freelance Editors
  • Resolve simplifies and facilitates creating files and round tripping projects with editorial
  • Manage media, sync audio, and convert raw footage into ProRes or DNxHD proxy files for use in FCP X, Avid, or Premiere
  • Track the relationship between proxies and your original footage for finishing
  • After editing Resolve will automatically reconnect the edited sequence to the original camera raw files

DaVinci Resolve Studio Color

Unlimited Grades
  • Node based processing; each node can have its own color correction, etc.
  • Join nodes sequentially or in parallel
  • Combine grades, effects, etc. in any order
  • Collapse nodes into a compound node
Grading from Raw Files
  • Extensive control over raw images
  • De-bayer with highlight recovery, white balance, color space, and gamma controls
  • Fine-tune exposure, sharpness, etc.
  • Balance an image prior to color correction with the primary color corrector
  • Set lift, gamma, and gain with Resolve’s YRGB color space and ACES 1.0
Precision Secondaries
  • Target specific areas of the image
  • Drag over an area to pull a clean key and isolate areas
  • For complex grades, Matte Finesse controls ensure everything blends seamlessly
Automatic Color Match
  • Automatic primary base grade by analyzing shots containing standard color charts
  • Applicable to film, video, or raw footage
  • Set source gamma, target gamma, and target color space for the chart used
  • Identify the color chip chart and Resolve will balance the shots, even if from different cameras, etc.
Automatic Shot Matching
  • Select similar clips, and Resolve will analyze the image and give you balanced images; then customize each clip
Power Windows
  • Isolate specific areas in the image
  • Create an unlimited number of Power Windows
  • Combine Power Windows using matte and mask controls
  • Automatically follow objects using multi-point tracker
Stabilization and 3D Tracking
  • Lock Power Windows to on-screen objects with perspective matching
  • Auto tracking, no keyframes
Optical Quality Reframing
  • Sub pixel processing retains quality when you reframe, zoom, etc.
  • Fix shots in full quality
RGB Mixing
  • RGB mixer grading control of red/green/blue gain for each color, blend, and mix channels
  • Swap inputs for extreme effects or make sections of your image monochrome
Unique YRGB Color Space
  • Deeper bit depths combined with YRGB control provide a wider color correction range
  • Adjust luminance gain without rebalancing whites/mids/blacks
ACES 1.0
  • Support for DaVinci’s color managed timelines and ACES 1.0 linear standard
Custom Curves and Soft Clip
  • Define a curve using Bezier handles
  • High and low soft clip processing and softness – per channel or ganged
  • YSFX luminance and saturation effects supported
HSL Curve Grading
  • Adjust hue, saturation, or luminance on a curve graph with an NLE-style grading workflow
  • Pick colors from the image and use bezier handles for curve control
Creative Tools
  • Add OpenFX plug-ins or built-in gaussian blurs, sharpen, and mist on unlimited nodes in real-time
  • Image sharpening and mist effects for finer atmosphere and texture control
Real-Time Noise Reduction
  • Spatial and temporal noise reduction
  • Noise reduction within Power Windows
Open FX Plug-Ins
  • Supported on the editing timeline and in color nodes
  • 3rd-party plug-ins supported
  • 32 bit float GPU based processing – get results even when using 3rd-party plug-ins
Gallery Stills and Grades
  • Save/share stills, copy your own grades
  • Copy primary/secondary grades and compound nodes to individual/groups of/all clips
Real-Time 3D Stereoscopic
  • Edit, grade, display 3D stereoscopic timelines in real-time
  • Side by side, line by line, checkerboard, and anaglyph comparison
  • Auto 3D alignment to remove color or alignment errors
  • Adjust convergence pan/tilt/zoom, and immediately see the results
  • You can also begin with a 2D timeline and copy the grades to the other eye for trimming
Move Grades Between Systems
  • Grade and finish projects started in other NLEs
  • Support for ASC decision lists

DaVinci Resolve Studio Edit

Comprehensive Editing Tools
  • Full multi-track support with fast and familiar editing tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons to mark edit points, insert tracks, delete clips and more
  • Drop clips into the timeline or drag them over the edit pop up window to quickly insert, replace, etc.
Context Sensitive Trimming
  • Fine-tune your edit using context sensitive tools
  • Ripple, roll, slip, slide, extend, or shorten edits without changing tools, depending on where you place the cursor
  • Trim, slip, or slide multiple shots on the same track simultaneously either in the same direction or asymmetrically
Multi-Cam Editing
  • Quickly cut programs while playing back multiple sources in real-time
  • Synchronize camera angles based on timecode, in/out points, or automatically based on audio waveforms
  • The source monitor displays a grid containing the camera angles and plays them back in sync while you make cuts
  • After your first cut, you can go back and switch to a different camera angle, change audio tracks, or trim clips
Multi-Layer Timeline
  • Multi-track timeline lets you layer titles, motion graphics, and blue or green screen shots over background video tracks
  • Add notes to entire segments or a specific frame in the timeline using color coded flags and markers
  • Timelines can be nested, edited together, and expanded or collapsed in place
Mixed Format Timeline
  • Mix and match different formats and resolutions in the timeline with real-time sizing and playback
  • Real-time de-bayering and processing, regardless of the native format
  • Edit wide dynamic range raw files or codecs without ingesting or transcoding and without losing quality while making proxies
Creative Transitions
  • Multiple built-in real-time transitions including cross and additive dissolves, wipes, and dip to color
  • Align transitions on the center, start, or end of the edit
  • Adjust transition duration dynamically and set ease in and out points
  • Transitions from FCP X and other NLEs come in via imported XML and AAF’s
  • Use your favorite OpenFX plug-in for those extra special transitions between clips or tracks
Optical Quality Re-Framing
  • Reframe shots directly in the edit page and take advantage of optical quality sub pixel image processing in real-time
  • Resize 4K images to HD and reformat SD footage for your HD and 4K projects
Optical Flow Retiming
  • Resolve features nearest frame blend and an “Optical Flow” image processing engine
  • Advanced algorithms create in-between frames in real-time
  • Select the smoothest retimed clips whether you create slow or fast motion speed changes
Custom Titles
  • Title tools for creating lower thirds, scrolling text, and title cards with drop shadows, backgroSet text position, tracking, and line spacing, or adjust the stroke color and opacity to create professional titlesunds, and more
  • There are composite modes, title transforms, and cropping tools, and you can even import titles from other NLEs

DaVinci Resolve Studio Media

Managing Media
  • Centralized key functions on the media page
  • View and play back files, sync sound, and trim longer shots into shorter manageable clips
  • Organize media into bins and enjoy tools to update timecode, apply LUTs, change pixel aspect ratio, and more
Clone and Backup Camera Files
  • Resolve’s clone tool copies media drives, memory cards, and camera packs to multiple simultaneous destinations
  • All copies are checksum verified to give you exact bit for bit digital copies of your source media
Metadata Tagging and Logging
  • Resolve stores the metadata from cameras and digital slates with the clips you add to your Media Pool
  • Add your own metadata templates and log data in real time and edit as soon as the camera stops rolling
  • Export metadata to an ALE file compatible with Media Composer and other systems in your workflow
Bins and Smart Bins
  • Create bins to organize your footage
  • Advanced search, sort, and sift tools help you quickly find the shots you’re looking for
  • Create separate bins for source footage, sound effects, and VFX shots
  • Find shots in large projects by using search criteria based on whatever metadata you decide
  • Smart bins automatically update as you add and remove shots from Resolve
Audio Syncing
  • Manually or automatically sync your footage while you are still on set
  • Resolve’s audio syncing tools will help create fast dailies
Works with Virtually Everything
  • Full unlimited editing and grading of DPX, CIN, EXR, QuickTime, ProRes, DNxHD, and MXF files all in real-time
  • Import TIFF, JPEG, MOV, TGA, BMP, and every other supported file just by dragging it in from the your desktop
  • Output H.264 for web streaming, self contained or single track MXF files, DCI compliant JPEG 2000, and more
Camera Support
  • Edit and grade directly from the wide dynamic range camera originals
  • Compatible with CinemaDNG raw, Alexa raw and Amira, R3D files including +5K, monochrome, and HDRx images
  • Also supports Cineform 3D, Phantom raw, GoPro, Nikon, C300/C500/1D/5D/7D, F65/F55/F5 raw (and XAVC variants), and more

DaVinci Resolve Studio Delivery

Creating Files for Editorial
  • De-bayer camera raw images and export ProRes or DNxHD files to editorial
  • Send an XML or AAF file back to Resolve, every time the cut changes
  • Resolve tracks the relationship between editorial files and the camera original raw masters
  • Instantly conforms the cut back to the highest resolution files available
  • Edit and grade at the same time, round trip files with editorial, and never lose any grading work