Cisco WebEx Room USB


Cisco Webex Room USB is a lighter version of the Webex Room Kit Mini. It is a smart videoconferencing solution for huddle spaces and is compatible with any collaboration vendor. With a simple user interface, the Cisco Room USB is controlled with a remote control device, or directly through your software client. When not in use, it makes your screens come alive with digital signage of your choice.

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The Cisco Webex Room USB offers collaboration innovation in a box, bringing more intelligence and usability to your huddle spaces. While other vendors struggle to insert advanced features such as automatic framing, wireless guest sharing, signage and 4K content into their high-end products, Cisco is bringing these innovations to huddle spaces in a cost-effective and simple way. With the Room USB, Cisco helps customers experience smarter BYOD meetings, enabling smarter presentations, and creating smarter rooms.

These features were previously the domain of higher-end video conferencing rooms, but with Webex Room USB, they can now be brought to every room and every team. And when registered to Cisco Webex, additional cloud-based functionalities are enabled that enhance the user experience and team workflow as well as further simplify deployment. Some examples include:

●     Webex Control Hub, which offers remote management, software upgrades, and analytics.

●     Digital signage. Enable signage on your screens in Control Hub.

●     Wireless guest sharing. Get simple wireless sharing through your browser.

●     Smart rooms. Get a people count for usage metrics and resource allocation; tight integrations with screens enhance user interactions.

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