Fujinon 20-Pin to 12-Pin Power Source Cable for Broadcast Servo Lens (47.2″)


Key Features

  • Power Cable for Servo Lens
  • 20-Pin Connector for Lens
  • 12-Pin Connector for Camera
  • Cable Measures 47.2″ in Length
  • Provide Power for Lens Servo Controllers
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Provide power to your broadcast servo lens from your camera’s power output with this 20-Pin to 12-Pin Power Source Cable from Fujifilm. The power cable features a 20-pin lens connector on one end and a 12-pin camera connector on the other. The cable measures 47.2″ in length. It is compatible with select lenses, such as the Fujinon ZK14-35 T2.9, ZK19.90 T2.9, ZK85-300 T2.9-4.0, ZK20-120 T3.5, and ZK25-300 T3.5-3.85.



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