Fujinon MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit


Key Features

  • Zoom Servo Demand
  • Focus Handle/Grip
  • Focus Module
  • Flexible Cable for Focus Grip
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Fujinon MS-01 Rear Zoom and Focus Lens Control Kit

The Fujinon MS-01 is a semi-servo kit consisting of the SRD-92B zoom servo demand, CFH-3 focus handle/grip, CFC-12-990 flexible cable, and FMM-6B manual focus module. The zoom demand is an electronic servo control unit that allows the same handheld servo control of the lens when your camera is mounted on a tripod. The focus grip connects to your lens mechanically, providing a physical connection for precise focus adjustment. The kit provides precision control for ENG/EFP lenses over a variety of applications.




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