Huddly IQ Compact Conferencing Camera


Key Features
  • Compact USB Conference Camera
  • Compatible with Virtually All Platforms
  • 4x Digital Zoom, 1080p30 Capture
  • 150° Diagonal Field of View
  • UVC 1.1 Support, Real-Time Dewarping
  • AI Powered Genius Framing
  • Manual Control of Framing
  • 5-Element Microphone Array
  • Auto Image Flip, Color Correction
  • Huddly InSights Analytics API
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The Huddly IQ Compact Conferencing Camera connects to your computer via USB to receive power and transfer video via the downloadable desktop app. No drivers are needed to work on Linux, Chrome, Windows, and macOS, and it is compatible with UVC 1.1 plug-and-play standards. The IQ is also compatible with collaboration software platforms such as Zoom, Teams, and Skype.

Not only does it feature a wide-angle lens with a 150° diagonal field of view, but it also features real-time dewarping for a natural looking image. The power of the Huddly IQ Compact Conferencing Camera is in AI functionality that allows it to recognize the number of people, and their positions, in a shot and automatically adjust framing to best cover everything. Manual control is available if you wish to override the camera’s choices. You can mount the camera upside down and it will automatically correct the image with its 180° auto-flip function.

Convolutional Neural Network

Multilayered CNN design allows Huddly IQ to instantly identify visual patterns, and detect people and objects


Neural Compute Engine 

Edge-based machine learning based on Intel Movidius MyriadX platform that enables onboard intelligent features such as Genius Framing and InSights analytics


Genius Framing

Genius Framing detects the people in the camera’s field of view and smoothly zooms in to frame them perfectly for the far end


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