Lectrosonics L Series ZS-LRHMa Camera-Mount Wireless Plug-On Microphone System with No Mic (A1: 470 to 537 MHz)


Key Features: 

  • For Professional Filmmaker, Videographer
  • Use with Handheld, Lav, or Shotgun Mic
  • HMa Plug-On Transmitter with Phantom
  • SmartDiversity Camera-Mount Receiver
  • 3072 Auto-Scan Frequencies
  • Adjustable 50/100mW RF Output Power
  • Compander-Free Digital Hybrid Audio
  • Advanced Controls for Flexible Use
  • 3.5-Hr AA Batteries
  • Up to 30 Mics on Set / 350′ Range
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  • QW: qw

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Lectrosonics L Series ZS-LRHMa Camera-Mount Wireless Plug-On Microphone System with No Mic (A1: 470 to 537 MHz)

The Lectrosonics L Series ZS-LRHMa camera-mount wireless plug-on microphone system offers filmmakers, journalists, and videographers a set of advanced features designed to deliver flexibility and broadcast-quality sound for professional ENG and video productions. The system employs a wide tuning bandwidth of 75 MHz, along with Digital Hybrid technology for pristine, compander-free audio and reliable performance, even in the most challenging, interference-prone shooting locations—including busy urban areas, trade show floors, and similar environments.

Portable and lightweight for on-camera use with DSLR, 4/3, small 4K, and other compact HD cameras, the ZS-LRHMa includes the compact LR receiver and the HMa plug-on transmitter. The plug-on is ready to attach to a handheld or shotgun mic for man-on-the-street interviews or for wireless booming. It can also supply 5, 15, or 48V phantom power for lavalier and condenser microphones (mics are available separately). All the necessary cables and accessories are also provided to get you up and running immediately for an inclusive, cost-effective solution that provides a smart entry point into Lectrosonics’ proven wireless reliability.

The system is made in the USA and features rugged aluminum housings, user-friendly operation, and compatibility modes for use with older Lectrosonics analog and IFB systems, as well as select third-party systems. It is also compatible with all Digital Hybrid wireless systems.


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