SHAPE Shoulder Rig with REVOLT VCT Baseplate and Dual Handgrips


Key Features


  • Front to Back Sliding Plate providing you with a quick positioning of your camera accessories for an optimal adjustment of your camera’s balance center.
  • Easy adjustment of the rod bloc height to match the optical center of your camera.
  • Front and rear rod blocs can be fixed to the baseplate allowing you to install more accessories.
  • Integration of sophisticated tool box for a quick access to your Allen Key and extra screws.
  • Safety Pins and Ratchet knobs to prevent the plate from sliding, to secure the rods and to increase the strength of your rig.
  • Soft & Ergonomic Shoulder Mount


  • Unique patented SHAPE BLACK QUICK HANDLE push-button technology
  • Compatible with all standard ARRI rosettes
  • Single BLACK knob for fast & easy adjustment for a fixed and solid position
  • Ratchet knob for extendible arm (1.5″ additional length) and rotating handle for multiple positions
  • Individual rotation on a 360° axis


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SHAPE Shoulder Rig with REVOLT VCT Baseplate and Dual Handgrips

Shoulder-mount your professional camera and add a variety of accessories with this Shoulder Rig with REVOLT VCT Baseplate and Dual Handgrips from SHAPE. The rig includes the REVOLT VCT universal baseplate, two sets of 15mm rods, and a set of two telescoping rubber handgrips.

The baseplate features a comfortable gel shoulder pad, two sets of 15mm rod ports on the front and back, and a sliding camera plate with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting threads for mounting onto a tripod or other gear. The included sets of 4 and 8″ 15mm rods secure into the rod ports using locking levers. There are two rosettes on either side of the baseplate where the handgrips attach. The rosettes allow the handgrips to rotate 360°, and they are covered with soft rubber for a secure and comfortable grip. They also feature telescoping arms to adjust the length of the handgrips for the most comfortable fit. A hardware toolbox with screws and Allen wrenches is included.

SHAPE REVOLT VCT Universal Baseplate

Featuring a sliding camera plate, SHAPE‘s REVOLT VCT Universal Baseplate can accommodate rigs of varying sizes. Simply attach your camera via 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 screws to the top plate, and slide it onto the shoulder plate. Fore and aft movement allows you to balance the weight of your setup properly. Further adjustments can be made by moving the shoulder pad. The 15mm rod clamps at the front and rear of the baseplate allow you to secure 15mm accessories such as a matte box, follow focus, lens motors, lens supports, battery plates, or external recorders. Since the front rod clamp is attached to the top plate, the rod-mounted accessories don’t need to be repositioned as the rig is adjusted. Additionally, handles can be mounted to the ARRI standard rosettes on either side of the plate. When not shoulder-mounted, the baseplate can be secured to a standard VCT-14 ENG quick release in a matter of seconds, saving time on set.

SHAPE Telescopic Handles with ARRI Rosettes (Black)

The black Telescopic Handles with ARRI Rosettes from SHAPE are left and right handgrips that can be attached to cameras and camera support hardware that has standard ARRI rosettes. Each arm features three points of articulation, combined with the approximately two inches of arm extension allows you to adjust the arms for your comfort. The arms attach to your camera or support via an ARRI compatible rosette with spring-loaded locking levers, which allow you to lock your arms in place without having a full 360° of rotation.

Shape’s unique push-button articulating joint provides additional articulation near the rosette, while a second push-button articulation joint allows you to rotate and precisely position the rubber handgrips. A second spring-loaded locking lever along the arms allows you to extend the arms up to two inches and rotate the handgrips throughout 360°. The arms are indexed for extension and rotation, so you can quickly move between known setups.



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