Sony GP-VR100 Remote Control Grip


Key Features
  • For Sony BURANO 8K Cinema Camera
  • On/Off, Zoom & Focus Functions
  • Extendable Extension Arm
  • Coiled 3.5mm LANC Cable
  • Mounts Using Sony-Standard Rosette
  • Contoured Grip with Support Strap
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The Sony GP-VR100 Remote Control Grip provides a convenient way to both support and control your CineAlta BURANO 8K camera. This articulating handle features a LANC connector and a contoured handgrip with run/stop, zoom, and focus functions. It mounts on your camera via a rosette mount, enabling 360° rotation, and can be extended for comfortable positioning.

Smart Grip Flexibility

Popular with operators around the world, the FS7/FX9 adjustable arm with Grip Remote Control transformed shooting on the go, and now with GP-VR100*, we’ve made it even better. The arm’s length is easily adjustable at the turn of a knob, while another knob at the joint adjusts the angle. Once perfectly adjusted for shooting from your shoulder or waist, Sony’s Grip Remote Control puts all the important controls at your fingertips with Zoom, Start/Stop and a range of Assign controls, including a dial you can use to adjust Iris. So, you can operate the camera without taking your hand off the grip.

The GP-VR100 Remote Control Grip can control basic camera shooting operations (recording start/stop, zoom, etc.). You can operate functions assigned on the camera using the ASSIGN (assignable) button, assignable dial, and multi selector.

The unit can control a camera equipped with a Sony Grip Remote Control connector such as BURANO, however, not all cameras are supported. A full list of supported models will be made available soon.


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