Sony SMAD-P5 Digital MI Shoe Adapter for UWP-D Series


Key Features

  • For UWP-D Series URX-P40 Receiver
  • For Camcorders/Cameras with MI Shoe
  • Digital Audio and Data Connection
  • Switchable to Analog Connection
  • Cable-Free Setup
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Sony SMAD-P5 Digital MI Shoe Adapter for UWP-D Series

The compact Sony SMAD-P5 is a digital Multi Interface (MI) Shoe adapter that allows you to mount the UWP-D Series URX-P40 receiver on select Sony camcorders and cameras equipped with the MI shoe architecture. The adapter eliminates the need for connecting cables, speeding your setup in the field.

If your camera is equipped with a digital MI shoe, the adapter provides a direct digital audio connection between the URX-P40 receiver and the camera, skipping the receiver’s D/A and camera’s A/D conversion stages for superior 24-bit audio quality and low noise.

If your camera is equipped with an analog MI Shoe, the adapter can be switched to provide an analog audio connection.

The adapter also offers seamless integration with the Sony a7R IV and A9 II mirrorless cameras, the PXW-Z280/PXW-Z190 XDCAM camcorders, and the PXW-FX9 camera, displaying mic information in your camera’s viewfinder, including RF levels, audio mute status, and the transmitter’s low-battery alert.

Additionally, the SMAD-P5 enables the receiver to get power from the camera, while the camera can synchronize power on/off with the receiver, unifying power management.




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