Tripp Lite SMART500RT1U SmartPro Rack/Tower UPS System


Key Features

  • 7x Outlets
  • 120V Nominal Voltage
  • 500VA/300W Power Handling
  • USB & Serial Communication
  • SNMP/Web Card Slot
  • EPO Interface
  • 1U Rackmount

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Tripp Lite SMART500RT1U SmartPro Rack/Tower UPS System

The SMART500RM1U SmartPro Rack/Tower UPS System from Tripp Lite is a UPS system, designed to protect sensitive electronics from power surges while providing battery backup during power outages. It features 7 outlets to connect devices, 6 of which provide battery backup. It is designed for use on 120V electrical systems, and can maintain 120V output even during brownout conditions as low as 90V.

You’ll be able to connect the UPS to a computer via USB or serial for monitoring by Mac OS X and Windows. You also have the option of installing an SNMP/Web Card for network management. An audible alarm and front-panel LEDs make you aware of status information regarding line and battery power operation. The internal battery is able to provide 8 minutes of backup power at half load.

  • SMART500RT1U line interactive UPS offers battery derived sine wave AC output during power outages, voltage regulation during brownouts, plus network-grade AC surge suppression
  • 500VA/300W power handling capability compatible with networking, telecom, and other sensitive electronic devices
  • Supports 1U rackmount installation in 2-post or 4-post rack enclosures, upright tower placement also supported — mounting accessories are included
  • Large internal batteries offer runtimes of 8 minutes at half load (250VA/150W) and 3 minutes at full load (500VA/300W)
  • Maintains regulated 120V nominal output during brownouts as low as 90V
  • Includes 6 UPS-supported outlets, with one pair of individually controllable outlets that can be powered off and back on again via software interface
  • PowerAlert UPS monitoring and unattended shutdown software enables configurable network broadcast messaging, pager & e-mail notification, event logging, and running user-defined script commands
  • Offers simultaneous monitoring by up to 3 directly-connected devices through included USB, DB9 and SNMP* interfaces (*requires optional SNMPWEBCARD), or the monitoring of any number of additional UPS systems over IP with included PowerAlert monitoring software. Free PowerAlert enterprise management software is also available for select opportunities
  • Communications ports support messaging of UPS and line power status, including on-battery, low-battery, power restored, AC line voltage, DC battery voltage, and remaining battery capacity
  • Supports timed inverter shutoff after unattended shutdown, activate self-test and UPS output power control for scheduled or immediate reboot of connected devices
  • Supports Tripp Lite’s WatchDog software application to restore unresponsive programs by systematically restarting applications, operating systems and ultimately rebooting completely locked computers by momentarily switching UPS power off and back on again (requires optional WATCHDOGSW)
  • Built-in accessory slot supports SNMP with optional SNMPWEBCARD adapter
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO) interface with cable
  • Multi-function audible alarms and set of 5 front panel LEDs
  • Network-grade AC surge suppression
  • Attractive all-black color scheme
  • UPS battery set ships fully assembled and ready for installation, no time consuming connection of internal batteries by user is necessary




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