Vinten 3880-3 Two-Stage Aluminum Pozi-Loc EFP Tripod – 150mm Bowl (Black)


Key Features

  • Pozi-Loc Easy Clamping System
  • Superior Stability and Durability
  • Height Range – 20.5″ to 61.9″
  • 99 lb Load Capacity
  • Spiked Feet
  • 29.9″ Folded Length
  • Optional Spreader Available
  • Optional Rubber Feet Available
  • Special Order: Special Order
  • QW: qw

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Vinten 3880-3 Two-Stage Aluminum Pozi-Loc EFP Tripod – 150mm Bowl (Black)

The Vinten 3880-3 Two-Stage Aluminum Pozi-Loc EFP Tripod is an industrial grade tripod designed for use with the Vision 250 head. With its superior stability and durability, this tripod is the ideal choice for professional camera shoots, in particular for cases involving longer lenses and larger viewfinders. This tripod is also available as a complete kit with the Vision 250 head and other components (VB250-AP2S).

Highlighting this tripod is Vinten’s unique Pozi-Loc mechanism – an innovative cam-operated clamping system that offers easy 90° on to off turning while providing a visual indication that the tripod is securely fastened. This tripod offers an adjustable height from a maximum of 61.9″ to a minimum of 20.5″ (with optional spreader).

This tripod accepts a floor or mid-level spreader as an option. Also available as an option are a set of 3 feet anti-skid rubber feet, which can be used as an alternative to the tripod’s native spiked feet for greater stability on wet or glossy floors.

Aluminum Construction
Strong anodized tubular alloy, thermoplastic moldings, and die-cast construction provides the strongest and most durable material for demanding applications.
Smooth Camera Movement
Tripod rigidity is a vital factor in achieving smooth camera movement and first-class picture quality. The Vision range of tripods are unique in giving maximum torsion rigidity throughout the height range by combining a “perfect” triangular structure with the most innovative design features.
Pozi-Loc Leg Clamps
The advanced Pozi-Loc, Vinten’s innovative cam-operated clamping system, ensures tripod reliability and safety, and its positive action shows clearly when the tripod is locked.


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