Tech Services

LTO Tape Backup/Archive Service (new)

LTO LogoLTO Tape is a cost-effective and long-term solution to archive (or back up) your data. LTO tapes are not that expensive, but the drives can be. If you want to take advantage of the dependability and low cost of LTO tape as an archive solution, but don’t have enough data to justify the cost of purchasing your own drive, Z Systems will do it for you. Bring us your data, and we will archive it to LTO-6 (~2TB) or LTO-7 (~5.5TB) tape. You can take the tape with you, or we can store it on site for safe keeping. The tape is included in the cost of the service- $175 for LTO-6 and $300 for LTO-7.

Video/Audio Sales & Rental

Sure, we sell and rent gear — stuff that you can get a hundred other places. But more importantly,  we make sure what you buy is right for your business. Z Systems knows Pro Video. We have former producers, DPs, editors, and engineers on our team. We’ll learn what you do and the best way to help you do it better. We represent the major players in the Pro Video Industry, plus hundreds of other brands. We’ll help you choose the best equipment for your project and your budget.

Facility Design

Nobody wants to work in a hot edit suite with wires crossing the floor and sound bouncing everywhere, while co-workers pound on the door complaining about the noise. Unfortunately, when a company designs its new office, a sensible post-production environment is often the last thing considered.

Enter: Z Systems. We focus on all the details nobody else does: edit suite functionality, signal flow, cable management, power loads, acoustics, and workflows.

Equipment Installation & Wiring

Do you have a rat’s nest of wiring behind your equipment? Our wiring isn’t merely pretty. It’s functional — separated signal types won’t conflict with each other. It’s serviceable — easy to access and modify. It’s fully tested — dramatically cutting down on frustrated emergency calls. It’s documented — streamlining any troubleshooting and upgrades.

Media Networks

Today, media networks are everything — they share edit projects and video files, and catalogue and backup your precious assets. We specialize in post-production shared storage — SANs that connect your suites with lightning speed and rock-solid reliability, while diplomatically satisfying the concerns of your IT department. Let us implement your solution — whether it’s Avid Unity, Apple Xsan, a backup system, or something totally custom.

Non-Linear Integration

Stop chasing mismatched software versions, registration pop-ups, missing drivers, missing codecs, and missing media. You just need to work. Your edit system should behave like a single organic piece, shakendown and ready to go — with an operating system optimized for post, and applications and utilities configured for the way editors use them. We know what’s required of these machines, so take advantage of our experience and expertise. A properly configured edit system should be turn-key, and that is exactly what Z Systems delivers.


Since the advent of tapeless media, post-production has become vastly more technical. This stuff is complicated, but we won’t leave you in the dark. After an installation, our technicians will take you step-by-step through the ins and outs of your system, answer your questions, and make sure you understand how to use everything. If you need to learn a new system, a new platform, or start from scratch, Z Systems will create a regimen customized just for you.

Maintenance & Repair

Once your gear is up and running, it’s just a matter of time before it will need some attention. Media drives and SANS get full, software and firmware updates abound, and files get corrupted. We have Avid and Apple certified technicians specializing in both Windows PCs and all things Macintosh to help keep your systems clean and up-to-date.

Performance Tuning & Workflow Optimization

Software updates and new formats mean workflow updates and new challenges. Our techs love overhauling and fine-tuning workflows to respond to the latest technology. We offer a Computer Tuneup/Rebuild package that comes with a new SanDisk SSD for your system drive and a technician’s time to reinstall your OS, all software and all drivers, and performance tune your systems so they’re running at their peak performance.

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